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Badr Museum located near to Qasr Al Farafra in Farafra Oasis, Egypt. In fact, Badr Museum housed in a mud building. The mud buildings are the common houses in this medieval area of Egypt. All the artwork in Bard Museum created by unique artist. In fact, his name is Mr. Badr Abdel Moghny. His work always depicts the life in Farafra Oasis. Moreover, he provides the work through both painting and sculpting. Furthermore, he accomplished did all his sculpting from sand, stone and mud. This makes the artwork indeed unique compared to the media generally used by artists.

Badr Abdel Moghny is a self-taught artist whose gift to his town become its only real sight. Badrs Museum surrounded by a desert garden which is worth to see. In fact, it features an enthusiasm which Badr puts into his interesting work. Moreover, it records much of the traditional oasis life. Badr Museum features a distinctive style of painting and sculpture. All are in mud, stone and sand and that is why he gets some foreign admirers. In fact, he exhibited successfully in Europe in the early 1990 and later in Cairo.

Further details about Badr Museum:

When you visit Badr Museum, you can expect to see sculptures of camels, farmers, localsand wildlife. You can also see some products which done with unique fossils. In fact, he found these fossils in the area and his paintings are surrealistic in style. There is no admission charge for the Badr Museum, but a small donation requested. The posted hours for the museum are 8:30 AM until the time when the sun sets. But in fact, these hours may change. Before you make this journey, it would be a good idea to make a phone call. Just to make sure that the museum will be open.

The Badr Museum located close to Qasr Al Farafra. So, it can reached from the medieval town. A bus from Cairo will take you to the area. In fact, the trip by bus is about eight hours. In fact, there will be extra time which spent to make a few stops. The stops will be at restaurants and rest stops along the way. Private tour services make stops in the area, giving you the chance to see the museum as well. Finally, you can choose to rent a private vehicle to reach the museum and the town. In fact, you should expect this service to cost quite a bit more than catching the daily bus from Cairo.

Badre Museum contacts:

Opening Hours: 9 am – 2 pm (or until sunset during busy seasons).
Tel: +20 92 751 0091 – + 20 0122 170 4710

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