• The Cathedral El Quseir Egypt
  • The Cathedral El Quseir Egypt
  • The Cathedral El Quseir Egypt
  • The Cathedral El Quseir Egypt
  • The Cathedral El Quseir Egypt
  • The Cathedral El Quseir Egypt

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The Cathedral is one of the most famous reef diving sites in El Quseir. Join the never-ending ballet of Hatchet Sweeper fish that inhabit the Cathedral. In fact, the site also features a labyrinth of jaw dropping canyons, tunnels and caverns. It is where amazing corals and beautiful nocturnal fish species such as the Big Eye Squirrel fish, abound. In the close surroundings of the Cathedral, there is a chance to meet with the resident small pod of Bottlenose Dolphins. An encounter that is usually consider as the “cherry on top” of this already amazing dive in El Quseir.

In fact, The Cathedral is not diving site for the novice diver. It is because the site is a fully enclosed cavern for much of the dive, with no direct access to the surface. Moreover, there is a guide rope inside the start of the caverns to guide you through the passages. Yet, but dive site not recommended without an experienced guide as it is easy to lost here. In fact, it is only accessible only in good weather. During strong winds and outgoing tides can cause a riptide effect. It is through the passages making visibility low and currents dangerous.

More information about The Cathedral:

Once inside the canyons it is easy to spend over 40mins swimming through sunlight filled passages. In fact, it comes eventually to the main Cathedral itself. A large domed cavern filled with Dusty Sweepers and glinting. It is in the mottled sunlight filtering through the cracks in the reef like stained glass windows.

Continue through a small gap at the top of the cathedral, bear left and follow the passage down into a small sandy pool. It is where you often find a whitetip reef shark taking a rest or it is sometimes home to a large feather-tail ray. From the sandy pool, swim over the coral hump back to the main outer reef. It is where you often see torpedo ray, scorpion fish and crocodile fish. Furthermore, you will also see blue spotted rays in the sand. Moreover, if you are lucky the resident pod of dolphins may come and play.

The Cathedra site facts:

  • Dive Site: The Cathedral.
  • Location: El Quseir, Egypt.
  • Depth: 08 – 12 meters.
  • Visibility: 20 – 40 meters.

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