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Mallawi Museum El Minya located about 224 kilometer south of Cairo, Egypt. In fact, Mallawi museum reopened on Thursday 22 September 2016. Moreover, the museum has a permanent exhibition of 425 artifacts. Some of them are from the museum former collection. Moreover, the rest selected from El Ashmunine and El Bahnasa storerooms. In fact, the store rooms located at El Minya Museum. The exhibition divided into sections display El Minya residents’ daily life in the ancient times. Moreover, they also display the utensils which used in their houses for cooking. Furthermore, they also display the tools which used for making goods. Moreover, the sections also display the tools which used for cultivation and trading. The Museum includes sections on clay pots and pans, textiles, medicines and writing styles.

In fact, the panels explain the development of tools in the area also displayed. The Ancient Egyptian used natural and artificial light. In fact, the museum also features information about how they used them. The museum also features a jewelry section which displays make-up containers, wigs and necklaces. Moreover, the section of jewelry also displays earrings and bracelets. Ancient Egyptian religious rituals highlighted in the new museum. In fact, it is since El Minya was a main center of the monotheistic religion. This religion introduced by the pharaoh Akhenaten in ancient times. Furthermore, Mallawi museum El Minya also features a collection of mummified animals. This section proves that ancient Egyptians worshiped animals and were also fond of them. Concepts of justice, love and eternity also illustrated.

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Mallawi museum also display the funerary collection of Henu. In fact, Henu was one of the region’s ancient nobles. The museum building completely renovated. Moreover, the museum hanged from being a outdoor museum to indoor exhibition halls. Furthermore, a new lighting and security system installed. Moreover, the walls cleaned and polished and the damaged showcases replaced with new ones. The two stores museum building overhauled. Moreover, the museum indoor decoration and design renewed. The new design concept of Mallawi museum El Minya provides a broader educational service to visitors. Moreover, the design show how the Ancient Egyptian built a great civilization.

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