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El Siririya located on the east bank of the Nile, to the north of El Minya, Egypt. In fact, El Siririya is a vast area of ancient limestone quarries. The quarries are still in use today as one of the major sources of limestone blocks for building in the country. In fact, it is obvious from the dazzling white dust which covers the land and everything on it for miles around. Moreover, El Siririya features many galleries of quarries where the cutting technique can seen. In fact, there are some with ancient builders marks on the faces of the rock. Amidst the quarried galleries there is a rock-cut speos (rock-shrine) on a steep rise.

In fact, the shrine cut from a cliff face one time, but now stands alone. Moreover, the shrine decorated by Merenptah during Dynasty XIX and dedicated to Hathor “Lady of the Two Infernos”. In fact, a fiery aspect of the goddess well suited to this parched site. Moreover, he shrine has a single doorway with a worn hieroglyphic text which incised on the jambs. Inside is a single chamber with a vaulted ceiling. In fact, the ceiling once carved and painted but now preserved. Yet, the remains of the paint can still seen there. At the rear of the chapel, three statues carved from the rock in high relief. Ij fact, the three statues include one of the goddess Hathor on the right-hand side.

Further details about El Siririya:

Below the shrine on the western side, there is a stelae which carved into the rock. In fact, the quite worn and with the lower part completely gone nowadays. The stelae depicts a king named in two cartouches of Ramses II. In fact, they offer to a god who is difficult to identify, but could be Sobek. Hathor stands behind the king with a hand on his shoulder.

How to get to El Siririya:

In fact, El Siririya reached across the main Nile bridge at El Minya. On the east bank, follow the road north along the river valley. This is a pretty drive through small villages with the high limestone mount. You will reach right down to the road. Many small limestone industries can seen along the sides of the road. You will reach El Siririya once you see the white landscape. You will also see the large cement factory and the quarry sites which surround the village. There is a helicopter pad near the entrance to the village with a sign. In fact, the sign says ” Entry Forbidden”. Park there and cross the sandy desert in a south-easterly direction to the shrine.

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