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Shaab Abu Nuhas diving site is only an hour away by boat from El Gouna, Egypt. The diving in the site indeed is a fascinating experience. In fact, it is since this submerged reef caused the sinking of no less than 5 ships. The is why the reef called this name. In fact, the site name means “father of bad luck reef” since it considered as a sailor’s nightmare. The diving site features four of the sunken ships which can explored by divers. In fact, the sunken ships are the Giannis D which built as cargo ship and sunk in 1983.. Moreover, the site also houses the Carnatic which was British cargo and mail ship. Furthermore, the diving site also houses The Chrisoula K which sunk in 1981. The last one is Kimon M which was a German cargo and sunk in 1978.

Further details about Shaab Abu Nuhas El Gouna:

In fact, the British Carnatic is also one of the oldest dive shipwrecks in the Red Sea. Moreover, the ship hit the reef in 1869, laden with gold, wine and cotton on its way to India. Furthermore, the cargo ship balanced on top of the reef. But after 36 hours it broke down in two pieces which sunk parallel to the reef at 24 m. Today, the 90 m long wreck lies underwater in a good condition. Moreover, its wooden flooring rotted away. In fact, you’ll get a feeling of being inside the skeleton of some gigantic prehistoric whale. You can dive the entire length of the ship with sweepers. Shaab Abu Nuhas also features glass-fish, nudibranchs. Moreover, the diving site also houses a few bat-fish which will accompany you.

Shaab Abu Nuhas diving site facts:

  • Dive Site: Sha’ab Abu Nuhas.
  • Location: 27°34’50” N; 33°55’30” E.
  • Description: Reef with five wrecks on it.
  • Depth: 89 meters max , mostly around 24 meters (79 feet).
  • Visibility: 20 – 30 meters (65 – 100 feet).

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