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El Gouna Toktok Ride is the most interesting and exotic transport mean in El Gouna, Egypt. In fact, El Gouna Toktok Ride is the best and cheapest way to see around in El Gouna. Moreover, it is also the best mean of transfer in this calm city. El Gouna Toktok is a three Wheel Motor Taxi for maximum three person. In fact, it is a motorized tricycle and a cabin. Moreover, it is where two or three passengers can squeeze themselves in. Indeed, El Gouna Toktok Ride is the best mean of transport across the coastal city. In fact, El Gouna Toktok may look awkward, but be sure it’s quite functional and pretty cheap. UBER also launched El Gouna Toktok ride in this Egyptian Red Sea coastal city recently. Do you need a reliable ride to get you zipping around El Gouna?.

Open your Uber application and your Toktok will arrive within minutes. In fact, these kind of transport are an iconic and ubiquitous part of the El Gouna landscape. Go take El Gouna Toktok Ride by flailing your arms on a street corner. Moreover, you can call your local hotline to send you one. You can simply take your ride and expect the same price as the El Gouna approved metered fare. That’s right, you can request a ride and pay in either cash or credit at the end of your ride!. The average of rate is about 10 Egyptian pound per one way. In fact, ten Egyptian pound is about less than one American dollar.

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El Gouna is about 434 kilometer from Cairo, Egypt. Moreover, it is about 210 kilometer from Luxor which means 3 hours driving. You can go to El Gouna for a recreational and water activities holiday. And then, go to Luxor to enjoy the wonderful treasures of Egypt. Visit temples and tombs over there. Combine the water activities with a Nile cruise holiday. Or you maybe want to combine it with other tour. To do so, please browse through our other tours. Both of the two cites have international airports. You can use Egypt Air domestic flight instead. In fact, Egypt Air operettas certain days between them. Contact us for the flight schedule. El Gouna Toktok Ride indeed is a nice experience which deserves to try.

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