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Dolphin House Reef is a diving site which located in El Gouna, Egypt. In fact, the reef stands for its name. This diving site is in fact the home to an incredible number of dolphins. Go diving in this amazing dive spot and have the luck enough. You will get the company of the whole resident pod of Bottle-nose Dolphins. You might as well catch a glimpse of the other unique inhabitants of the Reef. In fact, the reef also features turtles and hard coral gardens. El Gouna’s Diving companies -And of course we are one of them- organize daily trips to this site.

In fact, Dolphin House Reef located only about 45 minutes away from the shore. Moreover, the snorkelers usually allowed to go on these trips as well.In fact, this is our most popular trip. We take small groups aboard a fast boat to view the wild dolphins of the Red Sea. What better way to encounter these fantastic marine mammals than in their own environment. After a thorough safety briefing, you’ll set off to explore the area. You will look out for dolphins along the way. Once we encounter these fantastic animal, it’s your opportunity to get into the water.

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You will spend some unforgettable time with them. After this experience, we will zoom off to another reef than Dolphin House Reef. In fact, it will be for exploring and encountering many of the other wonders of the Red Sea. These are wild dolphins who roam these areas of the Red Sea. In fact, sightings can’t guaranteed but we have a great chance of success to date. Just contact us and we will answer you immediately.

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