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El Gouna Water Skiing indeed is one of the best Water Skiing destinations in Egypt. In fact, El Gouna features an artificial lagoon system. The lagoon system makes El Gouna Water Skiing one of the most popular water activities worldwide. One lagoon in particular used for Water Skiing and slaloms. In fact, the one located next to the Sheraton Miramar Hotel. It is accessible from a dock near the El Gouna lighthouse. In fact, this amazing lagoon especially designed for Water Skiing. Moreover, the lagoon is 850 meters long and 2.5 meters deep. Furthermore, there is a large sandbank. In fact, this sandbank prevents the sea waves from entering the course.

Moreover, the lagoon also sheltered from the winds. In fact, it is by the hotels which located on the opposite side of the lagoon. You don’t have to be a guest of the Sheraton to practice El Gouna Water Skiing sport on your holiday. But it is preferable to book your ride beforehand. The place tends to get a bit crowded. In fact, El Gouna is near to Luxor. It is just 3 hours driving. You can go to Luxor to visit the temples, tombs and other historical sites after a holiday in El Gouna. Instead, you can go to Luxor first for tours of temples, tombs. And then, you can go for water activities on the wonderful beaches on the Red Sea.

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Moreover, this Egyptian Red Sea Coast city is about 434 kilometers from Cairo. In fact, the city located south east of Cairo, Egypt. Egypt Air operates daily domestic flight from Cairo international airport to El Gouna. Furthermore, daily buses from El Tahrir square go to El Gouna. You can simply contact us to arrange a wonderful holiday of water activities on the Red Sea. Moreover, you can also combine the skiing with one of our other tours. Leave this task to us and enjoy your holiday. We really wait for your contact. The sport tour on the Red Sea coast is truly a wonderful experience.

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