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El Gouna kayaking Egypt is one of the most popular water activities in this Egyptian Red Sea coastal city. In fact, the sport is perfect there because of the closed and sheltered waters of El Gouna. They make it a great place to go kayaking. Moreover, the sea is calm and serene. That is why it is perfect for beginners and younger as well. Why not go on a race with your friends or kids?. It’s the perfect daytime beach activities, joining fun and physical effort. And if you’re a sunbathing addict, relax, you’ll catch an even better sun tan. It is while paddling through the crystal clear lagoons of El Gouna. Be sure to wear a life-jacket and put on some sunscreen though. Many hotels around the area offer kayaks, canoes, and other equipment for hire.

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For more budget friendly options just ask one of the many local tour operators. In fact, they will point you in the right direction. El Gouna located 434 kilometer south east of Cairo, Egypt. You get this distance in 5 hours driving. Moreover, it is about 3 hours driving from Luxor in the Upper Egypt. Egypt Air has regular domestic flight daily to this fantastic Red Sea Egyptian city. You can combine tours of temples, tombs and other historical site with El Gouna Kayaking. Instead, you can enjoy your kayaking and other water activities and then go to Luxor. If you really would like to practice it, just contact us. You maybe also want to browse through our other tours.

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