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German War Memorial El Alamein located three kilometers west of the Italian marker. It also located 9.6 kilometers from the Greek Memorial in El Alamein. In fact, German War Memorial El Alamein is a single octagonal building erected in 1959. It sits on the north of the road atop the knoll of Alam Abd Al Gawad mountain. Moreover, it overlooks the sea. German War Memorial El Alamein patterned after the Castel del Monte in Apulia. In fact, the memorial contains the bodies of 4,280 German soldiers. Moreover, it opened in 1959. The austere structure symbolizes Germany fierce pride. It looks more like a fortress from medieval times.

Inside, each side of the octagon-shaped courtyard houses an alcove. It is where stone caskets each represents a German province. It lie s beneath plaques which bear the names of the dead soldiers from each region. In fact, these modern-day sarcophagi are only symbolic. The actual soldiers buried in a common grave beneath the memorial. In the center of the inner courtyard is an 11.5-meter obelisk. It protected by four falcons. In fact, this monument has a double meaning.

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In Pharaonic Egypt, an obelisk surrounded by falcons evoked Horus, believed to be the protector of the dead. The falcon is also a symbol of German heritage. The Germans found it reassuring to know their soldiers died in a country with a history. In fact, it was for honoring the dead and so adopted the obelisk for the war memorial.

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The German War Memorial located only 7 km west of El Alamein

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