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British War Memorial known as Commonwealth War Cemetery and located in El Alamein, Egypt. In fact, the British War Memorial situated 330 kilometer north west of Cairo. Moreover, the memorial is on the 105 Kilometer in Alexandria Masra Matrouh Desert Road. The are features separate memorials for the soldiers. In fact, the soldiers from each of the countries who fought in the World War II. The British Commonwealth War Cemetery is one of the most impressive sites in El Alamein. Every year in October, commemorative events take place at the memorial. Moreover, the site houses about 7367 tomb of British, New-Zealander and Australian soldiers. Furthermore, the site also houses tombs of South African, French, Indian and Malaysian soldiers. All these soldiers fallen in the world War II which took place from 1939 – 1945 AC.

In fact, the soldiers tombs ordered in long structured lines. Moreover, there about 11945 soldiers names whose bodies never recovered. In fact, these names engraved on white limestone walls. Furthermore, the British War Memorial also features a wide hall with broad stairs. In fact, the stairs leads up to a rooftop. The rooftop features indeed stunning views of both the memorial and the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, the British War Memorial cemetery has no admission fee. Tours to these cemetery can arranged from Alexandria and Cairo as well. Contact us to arrange tour to the Commonwealth War Cemetery. Again, you can do a day tour either from Cairo or Alexandria.

Address: Km 105, Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh Desert Rd., El Alamein.

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