• Shark Observatory Sharm
  • Shark Observatory Sharm
  • Shark Observatory Sharm
  • Shark Observatory Sharm
  • Shark Observatory Sharm
  • Shark Observatory Sharm

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Shark Observatory Sharm stretches from the foot of the observatory cliff in the north. It goes across the mouth of a shallow box-shaped inlet. Moreover, it ends to the beginning of the Anemone City in the south. In fact, there are two possible shore entry points. One is inside the inlet and the second is in the small cove at the foot of the cliff. Both in fact can reached by road. In the past, it was possible to see sharks here just by looking down from the cliff top. But with the advent of dive tourism and its attendant boat traffic, the sharks mostly moved on. In fact, Shark Observatory Sharm site is a vertical wall, sloping outwards at its foot.

Moreover, the rugged profile is most dramatic in the northern section. It is where the reef face is especially contoured, with fissures, inlets and crevices to explore. Furthermore, coral growth is good with lots of variety among both soft and stony species. The steep profile does not encourage dense populations of smaller reef species. So, quality and quantity of fish are somewhat dependent on currents and the pelagic life they encourage.

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Jacks, barracuda and the occasional gray or blacktip shark liven things up when the current runs. Snapper, surgeons and unicorns are present in schools of varying size. Moreover, larger reef fish such as big grouper and Napoleons are usually on hand. Divers should be careful of the strong currents which are common in this area. Those who enter from shore should be doubly cautious. Once beyond the point to the north, there is no shore exit point. Do not round the point if current could prevent you from returning to the exit point.

Shark Observatory Sharm site facts:

  • Location: Ras Muhammad, just south of Fisherman’s Bank.
  • Access: By shore, or by local or live-aboard boat from Sharm El Sheikh, Naama Bay or other ports.
  • Average Depth: 20m (65ft).
  • Maximum Depth: 40m+ (130ft+).
  • Average Visibility: 20m (65ft).

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