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Catamaran Sailing Hurghada indeed is one of the most interesting beach activities in Egypt. In fact, Catamaran sailors or rookies won’t be disappointed on their next Red Sea holiday. Wind sports operators in Hurghada in fact provide boats and technical lessons. It is over the past few years for catamaran fans. Those wishing to experience catamaran rides for the first time will be advised and get guidelines. They also will be initiated to this highly technical sport before heading out to the blue.

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The advanced and experienced sailors are welcome to rent a boat and improve their skills by riding the amazing waves of the Red Sea. Wind sports centers based at most of Hurghada’s best hotels, directly on the beach, only a few meters from the sea. The beginner and advanced rides will take place in the numerous private lagoons facing the hotels, for a safer start. The professionals allowed to sail in the open sea where the good winds are blowing for an unforgettable experience.

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