Nile cruise tours from UK

Nile cruise tours from UK

Nile cruise tours from UK booking, itineraries, prices and cruises list

Nile cruise tours from UK are in fact a superb set of Egypt Nile cruise tours. In fact, the Nile cruise tours from UK tailored for British citizens. The tour packages designed to suit their needs and the length of their holidays. The Nile cruise tours in fact are stunning and cover all the desires. In fact, the packages include 3 night Nile cruise tour. They also include 4 night Nile cruise tour as well. Moreover, they also include 7 night Nile cruise tour as well.

The tour packages also include the major attractive sights in Luxor. Moreover, the Nile cruise tours from UK also include the famous Horus temple in Edfu. Furthermore, they also include the sightseeing tour of the Kom Omb temple. In fact, the Nile river cruise tours also include the major site in Aswan like The High dam. Moreover, Aswan sites also include the unfinished obelisk and the great temple of Philae.

Who can join the Nile cruise:

In fact, the Nile cruise from UK suit all ages and cover most of wishes. The Nile cruise packages tailored in fact to match up with who look for classic tours. They also are the best choice for the honeymoons and cultural tours as well. Moreover, the Nile cruise tours from UK are convenient in case you like to practice the Birds Watching. You can relax on the sun deck of the cruise if you look for the relaxation. In fact, The Nile cruise packages indeed are stunning for the families. The Nile cruise packages are one of the best family holidays packages.

The optional tours of the Nile cruise:

In fact, yo can add many optional tours to the basic tours of the Nile cruise. You can have a wonderful excursion to Abu Simbel temples. In fact, the trip to Abu Simbel temples can done by private coach and by flight as well. The trip take about 3 hours driving to reach there and 2 hours visiting. Moreover, the trip also takes about 3 hours driving back to Aswan. So, the entire trip takes about 8-9 hours. In case you would like to take the domestic flight instead, then the entire trip will take about 4 hours. In fact, one of the most fantastic and amazing optional tour which you can do is the Hot Air Balloon. The hot air balloon ride in Luxor takes about 1 hour riding in the sky.

Embarkation places:

In fact, the embarkation places for the Nile cruise tours from UK located in Luxor and Aswan. If you stay in Cairo, you should take a domestic flight to either Luxor or Aswan. In case you stay in Hurghada, private coach from Hurghada to Luxor, will take only 3 hours driving.

Passport and Visa Requirements:

In fact, the British citizens can get an entry visa at any of Egypt ports or airports upon arrival. The cost of a single entry visa is 25 USD per person. In fact, our representative will help to get the visa upon arrival.

The best time to get a Nile cruise:

In fact, the best time to get a Nile cruise starts from the beginning of October. It lasts till the end of April.

Nile cruises tours booking, list and itineraries list:

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