4 days Nile cruises

4 Days Nile cruises

4 days Nile cruises in Egypt itineraries, prices, booking, reviews

4 days Nile cruises in Egypt are a group of Nile ships which offer 4 day Nile cruise tours. In fact, the 4 days Nile cruises start their tours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. The embarkation on the cruises board are always in Aswan. Yet, there are a few Nile cruises which offer 4 day Nile cruise from Luxor. In fact, these few Nile cruise start their programs on Saturday each week.

The length of the tour:

In fact, the 4 days cruises features 3 night Nile cruise tours. The tour programs start each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Aswan. Moreover, 4 days cruises also offers 4 night and 7 night Nile cruise tours. In fact, they start them each Thursday, Saturday and Monday from Luxor in sequence.


In fact, the embarkation on the 4 days cruises is before lunch in Aswan. There are daily flights from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor as well. Moreover, Egypt Air also runs domestic flights from Hurghada to Luxor on fixed days of the week. Please to contact us to know the schedule of the domestic flights.


In fact, the accommodation on the 4 days cruises is always based on full board. The breakfast, lunch and dinner meals always offered in an open buffet style. Some Nile cruises offer sometimes a set menu system. In fact, the prices always include all meals and drinks which offered in the buffet. You should pay in case you would like to get extra drinks.

4 days Nile cruises Facilities:

In fact, the 4 days Nile cruises facilities are the same like the hotels. Most of Nile cruises have sun deck, swimming pool and spa facilities. Moreover, the Nile cruises also feature restaurant, bar, lounges and reception desk. In fact, any of the 4 days cruises consists of 4 or 5 decks. The cabins and suites distributed on the decks except the sun deck. Moreover, the cabins are either twin, double, triple or single occupancy. In fact, there is no quarter cabins on any of the 4 days cruises except 2 Nile cruises.

The cruises also feature suites which can accommodate 2 or 3 person. Most of Nile cruises in Egypt have WiFi for free in public areas. Yet, some of them, the internet is against charge. Moreover, most of the 4 days cruises feature international telephone and fax services  against charge. In fact, most of Egypt Nile cruises also feature fitness rooms, gym facilities and Jacuzzi. Furthermore, most of the Nile cruises also feature beauty salons and hair dressers. Moreover, they also feature medical care and a doctor on call.

Cabins facilities:

In fact, most of Egypt cruises cabins feature air conditioning. The air conditioning has an individual control system. Furthermore, the cabins also feature private bathroom with private shower and bathtub. Moreover, they also feature mini fridge or mini bar and music system. They also feature TV with satellite channels. The cabins also feature coffee and tea making facilities. All cabins and suites have telephone line which connected to the reception desk. Moreover, the room service is available in most of Egypt Nile cruises. In fact, the luxurious Nile cruises feature Jacuzzi in the suites.

4 days Nile cruises Entertainments:

In fact, most of the Nile cruises in Egypt feature entertainment programs. The programs include folkloric show, belly dance show and Egyptian party. Moreover, some of the Nile cruises have their own programs of the entertainments. In fact, it depends on the Nile river cruise category.

Tour itinerary:

In fact, the tour starts be the embarkation on the Nile river cruise board before the lunch. And then, there will be sightseeing to visit the Aswan High Dam and the Unfinished Obelisk. And then, you will be back to the cruise. PM, there will be trip by a traditional sailing boat on the Nile river to visit the Elephantine Island. Moreover, you will also visit the great temple of Philae. And then, you will be back to the cruise for the dinner and the overnight. On the next day, the cruise will sail to Kom Ombo to visit Kom Ombo temple. In fact, on the early morning of that day, you can have an optional tour to Abu Simbel temples. After finishing the visits, you will return back to the cruise for taking the lunch.

In fact, you will take the lunch while sailing to Edfu. You will also have the dinner and the overnight on the cruise board. On the next day, you will visit Horus temple in Edfu. And then, you will be back to the cruise for taking the lunch on the cruise board. In fact, it will be while sailing to Luxor. The dinner and the overnight will be also on the cruise board. On last day, you will disembark after the breakfast. In this day, you will visit the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. Moreover, you will also visit the Colossi of Memnon. And then, we continue the tour to visit the great temples of Luxor and Karank. In fact, in this day you can have an optional tour to attend the Sound & Light Show at Karnak temple.

The payment and Shopping on board

In fact, you can pay your extra while you are on the Nile cruises board by many ways. You can pay by the major credit cards like visa, Master Card and American Express. You can also pay in cash in American dollars, Euro, Egyptian pound and most of major currencies. Moreover, most of Egypt cruises feature bazaars and shops for souvenirs.

The categories and classification of 4 days Nile cruises

In fact, the Nile cruises in Egypt categorized in 3, 4 and 5 stars same like hotels. Yet, this classification doesn’t reflect the real category of the cruise ship. That is why we have our own classification for the Nile river cruise. In fact, our classification goes in sequences from top to the bottom as follows. The luxurious come on the top. And then, deluxe Nile cruises, superior Nile cruises and standard Nile cruise come in sequence. The four stars and 3 stars Nile cruises not recommended to use at all. Yet, you can use them in case you don’t care about the offered services.

The best time for the Nile cruises touring

The best time for touring the Nile river cruise starts from the beginning of October till the end of April.

The list of the 4 days cruises in Egypt, prices and online booking

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