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Cafe Riche Restaurant – Cairo

In fact, Cafe Riche Restaurant located in Cairo. It indeed reflects the classical atmosphere of Cairo coffees in the 50 s. Moreover, it followed the Parisian cafe style. In fact, it is a few minutes walk from Hilton Ramses. The food is the local cuisine. The service indeed is excellent. In fact, it rendered by the old fashioned dark waiters. Moreover, they are from Nubia ( south of Egypt ). Furthermore, they dressed in Galabeyas ( dress like costume) and Emmas ( head dress ). Furthermore, it is one of the rare places in central Cairo serve beer and wine outside main hotels. Prices are very competitive. Address: 17 Talaat Harb St., | Downtown, Cairo, Egypt.

Cuisine: International and Local.

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Indigo Restaurant & Lounge and Bar – Cairo

Indigo offers indeed a one of a kind dining experience. In fact, it located in First Mall at Four Seasons Residents , Cairo. It features a fresh, innovative interior concept. It also features wild and excellent cuisine varieties. The multi ethnic restaurant gives guests the opportunity to indulge in several dishes. Moreover, they inspired from different countries. They combined with an exceptional interior design in one unique menu. The French designer Didier Gomez has put his talent on full display in this trendy hot spot. In fact, he indeed gave Egypt its first ever suspended bar. The chairs, each with its own small stool next to it, are impressively suspended from the ceiling. The bar made of Plexiglas, cut with laser and lit by dramatic fiber optics.

A wide range of alcohols and soft cocktails offered. Furthermore, it is with great lounge music in the background. The restaurant set up of large luxury sofas imported from Jakarta which accommodate up to 12 guests. Individual tables with four chairs positioned tactfully in between. Every table has its unique set of signe chairs; each set imported from a different country. The VIP area elevated for its elite guests. Separated by curtains, the creme de la creme get to enjoy their privacy. With velvet chairs and magnificent comfortable couches, the overall atmosphere is cozy. It is also glamorous and welcoming.

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Located on the second floor of the First Mall, guests will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Nile. The indirect lighting sets the alluring mood. Moreover, it is along with lavish materials including zebra woods and black slate. The red, orange, green and wood colors of the restaurant give it the wild and trendy edge. It ensures its uniqueness. Furthermore, the gastronomy of Indigo brings you scrumptious cuisine from three destinations. They are Spain, Vietnam and Malaysia. Appetizers include a mixture of cold and hot Tapas from each of the three countries. The main courses comprised of each country’s best dishes. Moreover, vegetarians will also delighted to find special meet free dishes.

The dessert menu is wild and exotic, offering sweet dishes from several origins. Moreover, the dishes at Indigo are adaptable. Guests can make up their meal according to their own culinary desire. It is at the very moment of ordering, choosing from a vast range of flavors. Everything oriented towards your freedom. It is from creating your own combinations of ingredients and techniques. Address: 35, Giza St, Cairo 12311, Egypt. Phone: +20 2 35671600.

Cuisine: Asian, French, International, Mediterranean and Vietnamese.

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Windows on the World Restaurant – Cairo

In fact, Cairo has a lot of restaurants and lounges. They offer gorgeous and breathtaking views of the city skyline. Windows on the World restaurant located in Ramses Hilton hotel. The hotel located downtown, overlooks the Nile river. In fact, the restaurant features indeed a unique view of the Nile and the city as well. Moreover, the view did take the breath away for a second. It perched in a circular atrium on the hotel’s 36th floor. Furthermore, the glass walls of the restaurant offer a sweeping landscape of ant-shaped Cairo traffic. Address: 1115 Corniche El Nil, Inside Ramses Hilton Hotel Downtown, Cairo, Egypt. Tel: (+202) 25777444.

Cuisine: International.

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