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Sunset Camel Ride tour will let you experience the fascination of the desert. In fact, the tour round Dakhla Oasis will let you enjoy calm, spaciousness and seclusion amidst the nature. You will discover the desert’s variety, discern its stony and harsh forms in one moment. Moreover, the tour will let you see it as a sea of endless Sand Dunes. Furthermore, you will pass by small settlements and artifacts of the Roman times. In fact, all the time will be on camel back and accompanied by guide and Bedouin hosts. They will open up a completely different sense of living to you. A life where clocks tick more slowly and time is at your hand in plenty. You will take your daily bath in many hot mineral springs.

Further details about Sunset Camel Ride tour:

Put up your bed wherever you like at sunset. Bedouins will let you watch them while they prepare the traditional meals. Finish your day at a campfire. The tour includes visits to El Aweina, Gebel Abiat and Wadi El Bauabat. The tour also includes visits to Bir Hassan, El Nagb, Bir Gebel and Al Qasr. Moreover, Sunset Camel ride tours includes visits to Wadi Etamasiah and Bir Bassatin. Furthermore, the tour will also includes visits to Aijn Aracha, Zar Suraand Magic Spring. Hotels and restaurants offer brief camel rides which reach past the southern end of Mut. Let the guide know if you want to stop over a majestic dune. Go ahead, roll down the sandbank. Just contact us to arrange the tour for you.

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