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Mut Talata hot springs located in the northern part of Dakhla town, Egypt. In fact, you’ll find Mut Talata hot springs on the left. Moreover, Mut Talata hot springs feature 43°C of water temperatures. For E£ 10, you can use the large (orange) pool in the Sol Y Mar Inn for the day. In fact, Sol Y Mar is about two hours from Kharga oasis and four hours from Bahariya oasis. Dakhla oasis is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Moreover, the oasis consists of a collection of several different settlements. In fact, they framed to the north by a wall of rose colored rocks. The hotel compliments its setting in a perfect way. The architecture, style and layout will give you a feeling of being at one with nature.

Moreover the hotel features chalets and lodges. The accommodations unites will allow you to enjoy a true desert experience. Furthermore, the resort has its own natural thermal hot spring. So you can soak in the iron-rich waters which known for their healing properties. Moreover, you also can use the resort as a base to explore the dunes and beyond. Instead, you can have a free dip in the smaller one outside the hotel. The water is rust colored from the high mineral content which is a bit off-putting. Women using the pool outside the hotel should swim in shorts and a loose fitting opaque T-shirt. Mut Talata hot springs located just 1 kilometer from the lake which known as the Fish Pond.

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In fact, the lake is a haven for water fowl and oasis bird life. Three kilometers further north, lies the village of Rashda. In fact, it is where there are Roman ruins at the east end of the village. The villagers don’t call them Roman, or indeed anything in particular. In fact, asking directions will lead to a great deal of amusing confusion. Go for a dip in the rust colored hot sulfur springs of Mut Talata hot springs. The water indeed is hot and relaxing. No need to dress up. The rusty water might stain anything you will wear. In the evening, sit under the stars at the open air barbecue restaurant of Sol Y Mar Resort.

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