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Dune camping is on of the most popular tours in Dakhla Oasis, Egypt. In fact, Dune camping is also one of the most adventurous safaris tours. Moreover, this kind of tours packages can done in many other places in Egypt. The camping in desert can also done in Bahariya Oasis, Siwa oasis and Kharga Oasis. Going to Dakhla Oasis is by traveling to Luxor by train or flight. Once you arrive Luxor, you will find many buses which travel to Dakhla. Contact us for arranging this kind of tours. We will provide you with Bedouin guide and tours escort. Moreover, we will also provide you with the tools and tents which are necessitate for camping in the desert.

Gear up but don’t fan out. In fact, it will be a great experience to camp in the desert with a group of friends. Go for a night under the starry night sky near the dunes of the Western Desert. Experience the silence of the desert night. Do it after the astounding colors of a desert sunset. Make sure you inform the office of tourism in Mut before going to the dune camping in the desert. Leave nothing but footprints behind.

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