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Balat Dakhla Oasis is a modern village which located around 9 kilometer west of Tineida, Egypt. In fact, Balat spread beyond the older fortified town of Al Qasr. Moreover, the site built during the Mameluke and Turkish eras. Furthermore, the Islamic town perched on a mound and little changed since Medieval times. Inside the walls of this once busy town, picturesque winding lanes roofed with palm fronds. They shelter dark and carved doorways of houses. In fact, they are typical of the Islamic architecture in the oases during this period. The roofed streets would acted as extra protection for the inhabitants. In fact, they were too low to admit mounted invaders. The old houses consisted of two or three stories with mud-brick walls.

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Moreover, they plastered and painted in pink or ocher. Bread ovens and storage containers can still seen on the roofs of some of the crumbling dwellings. Though few people live in the old town today. The Egyptian government hopes to clear the area so that it can restored and turned into a museum. Now, Balat is at the beginning to reveal its secrets of an even earlier history. Nearby, at Qila El Dab’a, there is an Old Kingdom necropolis. Moreover, there is also an associated settlement from the same period at Ain Asil. In fact, these areas currently excavated.

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