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Al Tarfa Lodge Spa features many types of massages, sauna, a steam room and a heated pool. In fact, Al Tarfa Lodge Spa also features an indoor pool. They indeed are perfect for desert nights. The Spa which also known as “Dar Al Hana” located at Al Trafa Lodge in Dakhala oasis, Egypt. Al Tarfa Lodge is an Eco friendly lodge which features 20 beautiful suites and rooms. Moreover, the lodge owned and managed by Camps & Lodges of Egypt. The distinctive property offers serenity and luxury which stemmed from freshness and simplicity. The lodge is a true haven away from the bustling cities and the typical tourist attractions. Go for quality accommodation and a unique oasis environment.

In fact, the peace and tranquility embraced by mesmerizing deserts. Bring your loved ones to breathtaking landscapes and historical relics. Go for Saharan fortresses and simple life forms. Take your children on a memorable trip into this magical world. Think of well-served excursions in the Dakhla Dunes Park. Go for camel trekking across the horizon at sunset or a horse-ride at moon-rise. This is the Sahara without compromise and the Romance of Arabia. Relax on an outdoor platform which surrounded by aromatic candles. Enjoy a deep massage as you watch the scenic sun set over the desert dunes.

Further details about Al Tarfa Lodge Spa:

In fact, spa center presents an relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, the spa is full of ambient and natural light. Furthermore, there is a relaxing terrace with an outdoor plunge pool. The terrace allows you to unwind and enjoy the sun while gazing at an open ended oasis landscape. Furthermore, the spa also features gym which equipped with a treadmill and a multi-gym. Moreover, the gym also equipped with step and a cycling machine.

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Tel: +2 0100 100 1109.

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