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Wadi Feiran is an oasis about 4 square kilometers and surrounded by palm trees, vines and trees. In fact, Wadi Feiram is is the largest oasis in the Sinai and known as The Pearl of Sinai. Moreover, Wadi Feiran lies between two mountains. The mountains are Gebel El Banat and Gebel Sirbel. Everything in the oasis grows such as corn, barley, wheat, tobacco and tamarind. In fact, the the main harvest is still the dates. In the past, all fruits and vegetables for the St. Catherine’s Monastery brought from this site. There were large citrus orchards, but now there is little or nothing found. In recent years, large hotels built in St. Catherine even with swimming pools.

One lives no longer according to the nomadic lifestyle. Some places have an excessive drain on the available water. In fact, it made with serious consequences for the surrounding areas. Wadi Feiran is the Biblical Rephidim. “And the entire community of the children of Israel journeyed from the wilderness of Sinai. After their trip they set up their tents, according to God’s commands, in Rephidim. Then Amalek came and fought with the children of Israel in Rephidim”. (Exodus, 17:1.8).

Further details about Wadi Feiran:

According to tradition, Joshua defeated the Amalekites in Wadi Feiran. Moreover, Moses and Aaron supported him with prayers. It was while they viewed the fighting from the mountain Gebel El Tahona. You can walk upon the ancient path to the top of the mountain. In fact, it is the route of the footsteps of Moses and his brother Aaron. It is from where you have a view over the whole valley. You walk by the ancient graves and buildings, including the remains of two Byzantine churches. The valley has the Greek orthodox Monastery of the seven sisters. In fact, it also called the Monastery of Moses and the Monastery of Feiran.

Moreover, it also called the monastery of the Seven Girls or Deir El Banat. This monastery built on a well in the middle of the oasis in the 4th century. The building with its surrounding gardens stand out between the other local houses. This convent is now under the authority of St. Catherine’s Monastery. The Monastery of the Seven Sisters always occupied an important place in this local community. You can visit the monastery of the seven sisters and afterwards walk around the backside of the monastery. Along the cobbled hill, this gives a strange and magical feeling. Moreover, you will find several archaeological excavations. The monastery is even referred to by the first Anchorites who were already here in the year 365 AC.

More details about Feiran Valley:

The Christian community in Feiran valley already mentioned in writings from the 2nd century. In fact, the oasis of Wadi Feiran was one of the first Christian centers in the Sinai. Here, it was the seat of the Archbishop of the Sinai from the 4-6 century. During archaeological excavations in Wadi Feiran they exposed the foundations and floor. Moreover, they also exposed a wall of an old church and buildings. In fact, they belonged to the house of the Archbishop of Sinai. Wadi Feiran Also houses El Mhered hill, El Tahona mountain. In fact, these ruins date back to the 5th century. It was when many monks lived in Sinai. Moreover, there are also 9 walls, churches and tombs.

Furthermore, to the north of Wadi Feiran there is the valley of inscriptions. It is where ancient writings and graffiti carved into the rocks of a stretch of non less than 3 kilometers. On November 1, 1994 the Egyptian Antiques Organization requested to add Wadi Feiran to the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Go first to spend some time in the touristic small town of St. Catherine. And then, travel to Wadi Feiran. In fact, you will notice the difference in economic standards and in people as well. In Wadi Feiran, you will find curious Bedouins who will share the little they have. The largest part will be for you as their guest. In fact, it is according to their traditional hospitality. Take the time and effort to drive off the road with a 4×4 car.

Further details about Wadi Feiran:

Go go into the mountains, you will find homes in remote areas. In fact, children in Wadi Feiran are shy, because they rarely see a stranger. Here, many children do not go to school because of cash shortage. Moreover, it is because the facilities are not there. On a distance from the houses you will find a small tent or sheltered spot with shade. If you sit there as a traveler, they will bring you water and tea. This is how things done there. You will also meet camels who are on a ‘holiday’ and are now on their way home to Wadi Feiran. If camels worked for some time than they may first relax again. They come back home by themselves when the time is there. In fact, Sinai is still much the land of the camels.

On the way you will pass the Echo-rock, the Wishing-rock and the Cave of the Shepherdess. During a trip around the area of Wadi Feiran you get an impression of the vastness of the area. According to the early Israeli tourists, Gebel Sirbal was the most beautiful place in Sinai. After a major flood, the trails destroyed. Recently, there are again local guides who can guide you. In fact, they will guide you through this unspoiled piece of nature, to the summit. Between the Eco lodge and Wadi Feiran you will find the mysterious Nawamis. In fact, they are circular stone tombs which date back to 4000 BC. Archaeologists found here colored beads, bracelets of shells, bones and tools. In fact, these items sacrificed at the burial of the people.

Further details about Wadi Feiran:

The kind of people whom tombs built for, is not clear to date. The Nawamis made of sandstone and 2 to 2.5 meter high and 90 to 183 centimeters wide. Moreover, the tombs had rounded roofs and they all have an opening on the west side. In fact, the roofs are no more intact. When you visit Wadi Feiran, prepare yourself for swarms of children calling for Caramella (sweets). Try to make a little fun with them and do not get irritated. The little boys and girls can indeed provide colorful holiday memories.

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