• The Caves Dahab Egypt
  • The Caves Dahab Egypt
  • The Caves Dahab Egypt
  • The Caves Dahab Egypt
  • The Caves Dahab Egypt

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The Caves Dahab is a a diving site which located south of Dahab, Egypt. In fact, The Caves is a misleading name. It is because the “caves” are in fact more of large overhangs. Yet, the site is a good dive site for the unusual rock formations and variety of sea life. In fact, the diving at this site starts by following the gentle sloping drop-off. And then, follow the shore where the sandy bed provides a home for garden eels. Moreover, the sandy bed also provides pipe-fish and wrasse. Furthermore, the pinnacles provide an interesting site with sea life including turtles and morays. Moreover, the pinnacles also include lion-fish and Napoleon wrasse. The dive finishes up in the site which provide shelter for several dozing puffers.

The entrance to The Caves Dahab is from the shore, with a stride entry into the site area. Moreover, the entry to the site is a giant stride off the ledge and into the deep blue. Once you are in the water, the cave will be below you. On both the left and right side you will find a shallow reef. Entry and exit can be quite tricky due the waves crashing into the shore. So, prepare your self to be an excellent buddy and save some energy for getting out after. The reef which circles the site is just as attractive as the diving site itself. It is with both soft and hard corals being abundant. Here you will often spot large groupers, Scorpion-fish and morays. Moreover, you will also find a tiger shark which spotted on many of occasions.

Further details about The Caves Dahab:

Enter the diving site and swim to the back. And then, turn and watch the light which shines. In fact, the light shines through the swarms of Anthias and Banner-fish. They swim upside down on the ceiling of the diving site. A perfect spot for your safety stop!. Start the dive from the right to left or from the left to right. In fact, there are three caves in the rock below at The Caves Dahab. Moreover, in front of the great rock formation there is a huge sandy slope. In fact, the sandy slope contains a good amount of eels at 30 meter. After the exit from the first cave in the right direction you’ll find the red anemone. It is with its clown-fish which is one of few on Red Sea dive sites. Get back through the cleft or small canyon to reach the sandy slope with a depth of 30-35 m.

You can then stay on the sandy slope and wait for a few minutes for the eels to appear. Dive around the sandy slope and get shallower reef. If you did, you will see the great Gorgonians, trigger, soft and hard coral. Furthermore, you will see many different species of marine life in that spot. Return with the rocky part of the wall again to enter the 2nd and 3rd caves. In The Caves Dahab, you will see the glass-fish group, stone-fish and lion-fish. In fact, you will also see many anemones and clown-fish of all sizes. The diving site also include yellow to the white black strips. Moreover, The diving site houses multicolored star-fish and the normal Red Sea marine life. The diving site also comprise Napoleon, parrot-fish, triggers and turtles. In fact, it is due to sea grass in the sandy slope area. You have to dive at high tide.

The Caves Dahab diving site facts:

Dive Site: The Caves.
Location: South Dahab, 28°25.001 N; 34°27.364 E.
Description: Reef / ‘caves’ / seagrass area.
Depth: 35 meters max (115 feet).
Visibility: 30 – 40 meters (100 – 130 feet)

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