• The Canyon Dahab Egypt
  • The Canyon Dahab Egypt
  • The Canyon Dahab Egypt
  • The Canyon Dahab Egypt
  • The Canyon Dahab Egypt
  • The Canyon Dahab Egypt

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The Canyon Dahab is a diving site which located 15 kilometer south of Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt. In fact, The Canyon diving site features indeed a unique adventure. This adventure makes it one of the essential dives for any diver visits Dahab. That is why the diving site is famous all over the world. Access to this beautiful site is through a shallow, sandy lagoon. In fact, the lagoon lies a few steps from the shoreline. Once you dive, you will find Anthias which covered coral pinnacles. They act like way point markers for your return. Moreover, you will also find the looms near you. They will begin to make out a cascade of diver’s bubbles which escape from the sea floor which surrounds it. In fact, it is as if you were in a giant aquarium.

The Canyon Dahab dive site indeed is a namesake. In fact, it is the classic canyon which formed from volcanic fissure in the seabed. Moreover, it winds its way up from the depths to meet the reef just off shore. Bar a few points of penetration, the walls of the rift grew together. In fact, they get close over the top and form a tunnel. The largest entry into this diving site lies at 20 meter. In fact, it is from where you can descend into the lit crack reaching the bottom at 30 meter. Looking up from this point, you will enjoy a magnificent view of The Canyon walls. The walls silhouetted against the light from surface. In small section of the full canyon, the rippling light rays penetrates the crack. In fact, it creates a tranquil atmosphere.

Further details about The Canyon Dahab:

The night dive here during a full moon indeed is an spiritual experience. When you head a little further up The Canyon Dahab, an exit forms in the roof. It is through which you can ascend and return into the daylight and onto the reef. Begin the slow swim back along the reef, you can start to take in some of the beautiful fauna. In fact, the diving site houses anemone-fish, lion-fish and scorpion-fish. Moreover, the site also houses unicorn-fish, octopus, morays and Torpedo rays. If you forgot to brush your teeth before the dive, there is a pair of friendly cleaner wrasse. In fact, they will give your teeth a clean if you remove your regulator near their cleaning station. The dive site indeed offers a wide variety of physical features.

Moreover, the dive site can explored in an almost limitless number of ways. The Canyon Dahab snakes its way down inside the reef to a pair of narrow and deeper exits. In fact, the first one is at 45 meter and the second one is at 52 meter. Emerging from anyone of them will put you out on the reef wall. In fact, the reef wall leads back up to the main slope. If you went south, you can spend your time floating along the exquisite drop-off. You will also have the chance to discover the beautiful soft coral gardens which line the reef. With a short jeep ride north, you will get to the Rick’s Reef. There, you can drift all the way back along the rich and healthy reef. In fact, this reef runs between there and The Canyon.

The Canyon Dahab facts:

Location: North Dahab, 28°33.294 N; 34°31.257 E.
Description: Shore; Reef; Canyon; Drop-off; Coral Garden; Night dive; Technical diving.
Depth: 100 meter +.
Visibility: 20-30 meter.
Currents: Medium

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