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Ras Safsafa hiking is one of the most popular activities in Sinai, Egypt. In fact, Ras Safasafa hiking is famous for all who love to climb the mountains. In fact, Ras Safsafa towered over a Bedouin village near to St. Catherine monastery in Sinai. The mountain offers several routes which vary in the difficulty to reach its peak. Once you arrive the peak, you will have a great chance to enjoy the amazing view of Sinai’s mountains. In fact, the sight of Sinai mount located at the other end of the massif.

Further details about Ras Safsafa Hiking:

The trip to the mountain should accompanied by local guides. In fact, the Bedouin guides offer transportation before and after your hike. Our tour coordinators in Sinai will be able to connect you with Bedouin guides. In fact, Bedouin guides own durable 4X4 or camels for transportation. Go to the fantastic peak of mountain and have an unmatched experience.

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