• Lighthouse Reef Dahab
  • Lighthouse Reef Dahab
  • Lighthouse Reef Dahab
  • Lighthouse Reef Dahab
  • Lighthouse Reef Dahab
  • Lighthouse Reef Dahab

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Lighthouse Reef Dahab Egypt is a popular dive site which located on the Red Sea coast of Egypt. In fact, the Lighthouse reef Dahab is perfect for teaching all levels. The diving site indeed is suitable for levels which start from open water to technical. Lighthouse site has one of the easiest entries and exits as well. Moreover, the diving site always sheltered from the wind. Once you step in the water, you will find a shallow sandy area. In fact, the sandy area drops off into a large grassy slope. Look out for seahorses and Pegasus sea-moths which generally exist in pairs. There is also a good chance to find the rare angler-fish. Furthermore, the reef is the perfect site for diver training.

In fact, Lighthouse Reef Dahab provides an ideal aquatic classroom for all levels. The site indeed is convenient for those who take their first fin kicks in the underwater world. Moreover, it is also the same for the advanced technical divers. The shallow sandy plateau is immediate accessible from the shore. In fact, the plateau provides an excellent “pool-like” substitute for confined water training. The gentle grassy slope allows instructors to pick any depth necessary for a given skill. In fact, it is almost like the site which designed for it!. The whole area of Lighthouse Reef teams with life even in the shallows. At the entrance, you can see schools of Razor-fish, pairs of Pegasus sea moths. Moreover, you maybe also see the incredible cryptic Stone-fish.

Further details about Lighthouse Reef Dahab:

In fact, the reef begins from the left of the entry with a wall which slopes away. The scattered sandy patches let enormous of coral pinnacles to rise from the deep. All around the reef, there are a plenty of unicorn-fish and surgeon-fish. Furthermore, there are also a plenty of damsel-fish, angelfish and Anthias. On one pinnacle, at 12 meter, you’ll find a large school of Glass-fish. Moreover, you will also find clouds of other juveniles reef-fish. At certain times of year you, can also see schools of tiny juveniles barracuda. In fact, they will hide among the others. Following the reef wall north, cruising between the pinnacles, you reach a coral saddle. Keep your eyes open for resident Napoleon wrasse and Giant morays.

Do the same also to see Crocodile-fish and different species of scorpion-fishes. In fact, the diving site has a perfect ease of accessibility. That is why the Lighthouse Reef Dahab site indeed is an excellent spot for a night dive. In fact, the sheltered, sloping reef allows divers to take their time. So, they can discover some of the fascinating marine life which  ventures out at night. Moreover, the reef houses nocturnal wonders such as Spanish dancers and Basket stars. Furthermore, it also has Flashlight fish and a multitude of spider crabs. Moreover, it also has the hunting moray eels and even the odd sleeping turtle. With torches off, you can see that the water filled to the brim with phosphorescent algae. When disturbed, the water around you turns into a natural light show.

Lighthouse Reef Dahab dive site facts:

Location: Dahab, 28°29.944 N 34°31.182 E.
Description: Shore; Reef; Seagrass; Night dive.
Depth: 5-30 meter.
Visibility: 20 meter.
Currents: Mild.

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