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Gebel El Deir Dahab is the Arabic translation of the monastery mountain. In fact, the mountain located above St. Catherine monastery in Egypt on one side. Moreover, the mountain features a road of 13 kilometers and rises 2168 meter. Moreover, the mountain overlooks on a gorgeous valley on the other side. In fact, Gebel El Deir Dahab comprises plenty of routes which vary in difficulty to trek and hike up the mountain. Local Bedouins offer guides, transportation and camel rental for experienced riders. The smell of the history indeed emanates from the stones of the mountain. In fact, the Byzantines lived there for many years in the past. Moreover, the monks found a refuge in this mountain. It was during the journey of purity and asceticism.

The mountain gained its name from this purity and turned into a “mountain of the monastery“. In the road which runs for 13 kilometers, you will find the crosses rise in peaks. In fact, they seen arduous journeys before years. Furthermore, you will also see the branches of thyme. In fact, they smell like hills and. Moreover, you will also find some rocks which are up to the top of the mountain. Gebel El Deir Dahab also houses huge rock traps to catch the tigers which spread there before. In fact, it was about 100 years ago. Moreover, the mountain houses many of the drinkable water wells.

Further details about Gebel El Deir Dahab:

The mountain also houses a place which called the “place”. The locals say that “place” is the place which hidden or invisible. In fact, it was because some monasteries built on the monastery,. They show up only through special methods. Around the monasteries were special branches of olive branches and simple palm trees. On the high side of the mountain, the monks ascended to the monastery of St. Catherine the Great. In fact, the high side of Gebel El Deir is about 2000 meter high. The mountain indeed is an impressive Sinai mountain. Go there and you will find great hiking ascents. One of the most interesting sites in that mountain is the smal chapel. In fact, the small chapel located on the top of one of the mountain’s peaks. It indeed worthy to visit and take some photos.

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