• Gabr El Bint Dahab
  • Gabr El Bint Dahab
  • Gabr El Bint Dahab
  • Gabr El Bint Dahab
  • Gabr El Bint Dahab
  • Gabr El Bint Dahab

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Gabr El Bint Dahab dive site located just 25 kilometer south of Dahab. In fact, Gabr El Bint means in English “Grave of the Girl”. There is an old Bedouin story about the area which is like Romeo and Juliet. The reef is the most southern of the Dahab dive sites. Moreover, it falls well within the borders of the Nabq Protected Area. In fact, the site is only reachable by boat. The far fewer divers visit this site on a daily basis. Moreover, they ensure this reef stays in excellent condition. After 1.5 hours sailing, the boat can moor up in the sheltered bay of the dive site. And then it ensures a stable resting place even when the sea is rough. In fact, from this base many possible dives are available.

The south side of the reef known as the dark side. In fact, it features a steep wall which drops down to about 60 meter. In fact, it cut out of the reef by an earthquake over a decade ago. Moreover, the reef punctuated by many chasms, sandy plateaus and overhangs. The reef decorated with large, healthy table corals and an plenty of fish life. Gabr El Bint also houses reef to the north. Go and skirt the huge 50 m deep coral head which shelters the bay. You will see the three main features of the dive site laying before you. They are the near vertical drop-off, the coral saddle and the sandy lagoon.

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As you descend and make your way along the drop-off keep one eye out in the blue where. You can see Giant trevallies hanging motionless which surrounded by shoals of fusiliers. The dive site has currents which run along this wall. In fact, they attract some whale sharks, manta rays and eagle rays. After 10-20 minutes swimming, you will hit four dense rows of Gorgonian sea fans. In fact, they run down the reef wall. They are some of the healthiest and largest you will find in the whole of the Red Sea. The dive site also houses some of the photogenic Longnose hawkfish.

As you make your way up onto the rich coral saddle, you may well see a Hawksbill turtle or two. They can often found grazing on soft corals. So keep your eye out for the tell-tale signs of long strands of mucus drifting by in the water. The rest of the saddle covered in swarms of Anthias and parrot fish. Moreover, it also covered with surgeon-fish and trigger-fish. Current will let you swim or drift all the way back along the saddle. Moreover, you maybe also drop into the sandy lagoon which runs parallel. This stunning coral garden has plenty to offer.

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In fact, the coral gardens of the site houses crocodile fish, stingrays and puffers. They rest under the expansive table corals. Whichever way you choose, keep checking around you. A large school of exclusive Milk-fish can seen hanging around in the lagoon. In fact, the site indeed is one of the most breathtaking of the Dahab dive sites.

Gabr El Bint Dahab facts:

Location: South Dahab, 28°21.211 N 34°25.999 E.
Description: Boat dive; Reef; Coral garden; Drop-off; Drift dive.
Depth: 30 meter.
Visibility: 30 meter.
Currents: Medium-Strong.

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