• Blue Hole Dahab Egypt
  • Blue Hole Dahab Egypt
  • Blue Hole Dahab Egypt
  • Blue Hole Dahab Egypt
  • Blue Hole Dahab Egypt
  • Blue Hole Dahab Egypt

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Blue Hole Dahab diving site located a few kilometers north of Dahab, Egypt. In fact, the Blue Hole is a popular diving location on the coast of the Red Sea. Moreover, it is only five kilometers north of The Canyon and also known as “the Bells”. In fact, the site is a submarine sinkhole which a kind of cave, around 130 meter deep. The diving site has a shallow which opens around 6 meter deep. In fact, it known as “the saddle”. Moreover, the diving site has also a tunnel which opens out to the sea and has a 26 meter long. In fact, the tunnel known as “the Arch”. The top of the arch lies at a depth of 56 meter. The hole itself and the surrounding area has a huge number of coral and reef fish.

The Blue Hole is notorious for the number of diving accidents which occurred there. In fact, this diving site known worldwide as “World’s Most Dangerous Dive Site”. Moreover, the nickname of the site is “Diver’s Cemetery”. Furthermore, the site signposted by a sign which says “Blue hole: Easy entry”. In fact, the accidents happen when the divers attempt to find the tunnel through the reef. The tunnel connects the Hole and the open water at about 52 meter depth. This is beyond the PADI maximum advanced recreational diving limit which is 40 meters. In fact, the effect of nitrogen narcosis is significant at this depth. Divers who miss the tunnel sometimes continue descending. In fact, they hope to find the tunnel farther down but they will have increasingly narcosis.

Further details about the Blue Hole Dahab:

The “Arch” is deceptive in several ways. In fact, it is difficult to detect it because of the odd angle. The odd angle located between the arch, open water and the hole itself. Moreover, Because the most light which enters from outside, appears shorter than it is. Divers reported that the Arch appears less than 10 meter long. But in fact, the measurements show that it is 26 meter from one end to the other. Furthermore, there is a frequent current which flows inward through the Arch towards the Hole. In fact, it increases the time which takes to swim through. The Arch continues downward to the seabed which is beyond view. As a result, there will be no “reference” from below.

You should resist the temptation of the Arch and remain within the training levels and limitations. If you did, you will be safe. Yet, the Arch proved irresistible for many. So, the diving site is unsuitable for beginners. Moreover, it indeed is a potential trap for even experienced divers. In fact, the diving through the Arch requires specific training and extra equipment. The equipment should include a mixed-gas qualification from a technical Diving training agency.  Moreover, the equipment should include redundant gas supply. Furthermore, they should also include redundant large-capacity buoyancy control device. Equipment also should include a breathing gas with reduced nitrogen content such as trim-ix.

The Blue Hole Dahab facts:

Dive Site: The Blue Hole / the Bells.

Location: North Dahab, 28°34.367 N; 34°32.207 E.

Description: Reef / shore dive / drop-off.

Depth: 200 meters + (600 feet).

Visibility: 30 – 40 meters (100 – 130 feet).

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