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The Blue desert located in Dahab near to St. Catherine, Egypt. In fact, the Blue desert is not a natural creation like Black desert and White Desert. It is a work of art. The desert created in 1980 by Belgian artist Jean Verame. In fact, the groundbreaking Egyptian-Israeli Peace Agreement was in 1979. The agreement inspired him to paint several large boulders in this barren desert region. In fact, the artist painted the rocks in a bright blue color which symbolizes the peace. The unusual peace monument situated in the South of the Sinai Peninsula. In fact, this region had battles between the warring countries. In fact, it was before the peace agreement.

The artist used a total of 10 tons of paint, which granted from the United Nations. Moreover, the artist created similar monumental pieces of art in Morocco and Chad. The Blue desert transcends its functionality as a peace monument. Moreover, the desert features four miles of painted stones. Some of them rise to heights of over 30 feet. In fact, it is a vision in which Berame used color to alter the substance of the rocks. At times they appear more like giant balloons, or great gobs of cast-out chewing gum. The stones contrast with the reds, browns and yellows of the desert. A day trip from Cairo will be a good choice. Just contact us.

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