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Bedouin Safari tour Dahab is the only and most exciting way to explore the heart of the Sinai Deserts. In fact, the Bedouin Safari tour will let you explore the deserts of Sinai and the pristine beaches of Egypt. In the this kind of tours, you will have a great chance to discover the magical landscapes of Egypt. Imagine the splendor of color when changes the rocks at the sunset. In fact, Dahab is one of the most famous places for Bedouin Safari tour. Go there and have a wonderful excitement of a night when you spend it under the stars. The first-time visitor will become confronted with a mountainous desert landscape. In fact, it will happen in the spectacular Sinai.

On the Bedouin Safari tour, you will trek into the heart of the desert on camel. You will also do by foot and by jeep. Moreover, you will also visit some of the awesome Sinai canyons. Furthermore, you will spend some time with a Bedouin tribe. You will learn about their techniques of survival in this harsh desert environment. We will also take you to some of the ancient biblical sites in the Sinai, such as St. Catherine’s Monastery. In fact, the monastery reached by jeep. Moreover, the tour will include exploring the Sinai Mount area by foot. And then, you will sleep under the stars in the desert. It indeed is the most breathtaking and soul recharging experience.

Further details about the Bedouin Safari tour:

We will let you escorted by a selected group of Bedouin Specialist. In fact, the guides have their own essential desert skills. Those who live there know how to find the shade, firewood and water needed to survive. You will learn how the hardy shrubs which survive there used for food or medicine. Bake flat bread on open fires and spend some time with the Bedouin families. Furthermore, you will go to the Eco-lodge and continue to live a traditional life-style.

Once in the solitude of the deep desert the silence becomes intense. Bedouin Safari tour will let you sit among the changing of colors of the rocks of the desert. The sun sets without a sound to hear. In fact, it is easy to see why so many people have chosen the desert as a place of retreat. If you liked it, we wait for your contact to arrange an unique Bedouin safaris tour. Just contact us.

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