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Beach Bedouin dining indeed is one of the main attractions of Dahab. In fact, it is an unique on-the-ground dining experience. The dining features laid back setting. In fact, the setting has large colorful cushions and low tables which placed close to the beach. Many restaurants offer this services in Dahab, Egypt. Most of these restaurants have also fish stalls. In fact, it is where you’ll be free to choose your fish. Moreover, you will choose the way which you like to prepare it.

Further details about Beach Bedouin dining:

In fact, the food indeed is exquisite and quite cheap. After finishing your meal, you can just lean back on the cushions and rest for as long as you wish. Thinking of how much a Shisha would fit into the whole setting. Think no more, your wish anticipated by the restaurant staff. Contact us to arrange such as experience and enjoy. You can also contact us for the other tours in Dahab.

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