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  • Dahab Windsurfing

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Dahab Windsurfing is one of the most famous sports all over the world. In fact, over the last years, Dahab became the windsurfing Red Sea destination. The Red Sea town features all year round reliable winds and sunshine. Dahab Windsurfing indeed is the ideal destination for windsurfing beginners with its clear flat waters. In fact, the town is just a 90 minute transfer from Sharm El Sheikh airport. Dahab Windsurfing recommended for all types of windsurfer. In fact, it is whether you travel alone or with family or partners. It is a great location to introduce the sports to first timers, especially children. Furthermore, Dahab Windsurfing offered by a good range of nice hotels.

In fact, Dahab Windsurfing offered through on-site windsurf centers. The centers located in a quiet location away from the over commercialized big Egypt resorts. Yet, there are still some great places to eat out, just a short taxi ride away at the local town of Masbat. Dahab is also a great location for a multi water sports holidays. In fact, you can have windsurf, kite surf, scuba dive and water ski within the resort. According to the latest wind statistics, Dahab has up to 28 wind days. In fact, it is from March until October, with more than 4 hours sailing wind. Also in the winter months, at least half of the days you will have strong winds.

Further details about Dahab Windsurfing:

Dahab Windsurfing tools tried and tested by experienced windsurf travel experts. During the winter months of November to March, the Red Sea coastal spots of Egypt features a comfortable 22 – 28 c. In fact, it is ideal for a bit of winter sun. As you head into the summer months the temperature rises to around 40 c in August. In fact, Dahab Windsurfing offered in three main spots. The first spot is the “lagoon” which is a protected bay with a shallow water areas. In fact, the lagoon indeed is perfect for beginners and blasting. The wind blows cross-off shore from the the lagoon. It means that close to the shore line, the wind is gusty. The second spot is the “Speedy”. When you leave the lagoon, you will reach the “Speedy”.

In fact, the “Speedy” is a perfect shallow water area for advanced windsurfers. The wind there blows constantly and is a bit stronger than inside the lagoon. A Rest & Rescue Island offers you the possibility to take a break or call for help if necessary. The third spot is the “Baby Bay”. In fact, the spot located behind the Napoleon Reef. Moreover, the spot is suitable for ambitious wave novices. The swell is up to four meters high, has no breaking wave and comes from a perfect direction. So, it creates fantastic jumping conditions. As the wind is off-shore you must only sail there with an instructor from the windsurf center. In fact, the Dahab Windsurfing centers will provide you with a radio.

More details about Dahab Windsurfing:

Dahab Le Meridien Hotel has it’s own windsurf center. The wind there is side shore and the best location for confident water start windsurfers. In fact, the wind in Dahab tends to be at its best in the mornings. Yet, it can blow into the afternoon during the best wind months of the summer. There are two principal areas to rest in Dahab. The first one is the Lagoon and the second one is Masbat. In fact, the last one is the local beach front town.

On the evening you can have trip out into the desert. In fact, the trip will be to a Bedouin Village. Over there, you will have a dinner and some stargazing which is an interesting way to spend the night. Moreover, there are lots of bars and restaurants to relax at in Dahab. You can head into Masbat which is an exotic blend of Bedouins, Egyptians and Backpackers.

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