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Dahab Snorkeling indeed is one of the most popular destinations for snorkelers worldwide. In fact, Dahab snorkeling sites are so many which scattered on the Read Sea Coast. The Red Sea coast town indeed is one of Sinai’s most treasured diving and snorkeling destinations. Dahab means gold in Arabic language and called so because of its geographic locality. The gold washed down from the desert mountains. Moreover, it accumulated on the alluvial flood plain. In fact, it is where the town built. Also refers to the color of the sand, and in our opinion, the underwater world is treasure itself too. Go to that fantastic Red Sea coast town to enjoy Dahab snorkeling activities.

The town is only 80 kilometers northeast from Sharm el Sheikh. Moreover, it is only one hour driving by car from Sharm International Airport. Dahab snorkeling sites can visited all year round. Yet, the best months for snorkeling are May-June, September-October and early November. Air is not so hot and the sea is nice warm in these months. Sunshine guaranteed almost every day, number of rainy days 10 per year. In fact, there is zero chance for rain from June till September. Dahab snorkeling sites include the Blue Hole which located 12 kilometer south of Dahab. Well, Blue Hole is a must-see spot. In fact, most of divers, free divers and snorkelers come here to see the iconic hole.

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Moreover, the Red Sea coast town also include The Canyon for snorkeling activities. This snorkeling spot located 1.5 kilometers south of the Blue Hole. The Canyon is an open underwater cave at 22-14 meters below surface. In fact, it is wide enough for divers to swim through. The snorkeling site features good visibility and calm weather conditions. Even the snorkelers might enjoy its unique view from the surface. Furthermore, the spot features an easy shore entrance through a sandy lagoon. Snorkelers can follow the reef on the left. Dahab snorkeling sites also comprise Ras Abu Galum. In fact, this site indeed is peaceful spot for those who want to enjoy amazing sea. Walk about 500-800 meters along the coast and find a safe spot where to enter the water.

In fact, the locals or other snorkelers will help you to find safe entry points. The reef next to the “boats lagoon” damaged, but a bit further, it is lively and full of marine life. Abu Galum usually protected from wind and features big schools of Red Sea fish. Moreover, it also features turtles, rays and octopus. Dahab snorkeling sites also include Eel Garden which called the “City Snorkel Spot”. In fact, it is just few minutes walk from Dahab promenade. Eel Garden houses the largest colony of garden eels. The spot has an easy shore entrance through a small canyon. Garden eels can spotted on sandy bottom. These interesting creatures do synchronized swimming with each other and with waves. They vanish in a second if you approach them then appear from the sand again.

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In fact, watching them indeed is like watching National Geographic. Moreover, the corals are nice there too. In fact, it has a wide range of soft and hard corals such as different type of reef fish. Eagle rays are also common over there. Dahab snorkeling sites also include Lighthouse Reef. In fact, the Lighthouse Reef situated also in the center of Dahab. This spot indeed is one of the most popular sites for snorkeling because of its easy beach access. Shallow wall of fringing reef plate is perfect for snorkelers. Moreover, the site features a wide variety of corals and fish. Furthermore, the turtles also spotted as well as blue spotted rays. Dahab snorkeling sites also include the Seven Pinnacles Islands. In fact, this site located north of Lighthouse Reef. The site can reached within 30 minutes walking from Dahab center.

The entry of this site marked by a sign which says “The Islands Dive Site Funny”. Furthermore, the site has three giant pinnacles which grew together. In fact, they formed playground of valleys and lagoons. The site features a huge variety of corals and fish. Dahab snorkeling sites also include Napoleon Reef. This great place located on the left side of the Lagoon and it is easy access from the shore. The site features a great visibility and amazing marine life. Moreover, the site features huge gray stingrays, turtle, eagle ray and eels. Please be careful with fishing nets in the water and pay attention to kite surfers. Lagoon nearby is kite surfers’ training spot and they might cross over in this area too.

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Dahab snorkeling sites also include Gabr el Bint. In fact, this site ranks among the most attractive ones of Dahab snorkeling places. The site can reached by camel or boat and located 20 km south of Dahab. Snorkelers may spend more time in shallow lagoon which is full of colorful marine life. Many species of reef fish, hard, soft corals are visible. Visits by large pelagic species are more common there. Dahab snorkeling sites also include Golden Blocks, Three Pools and Moray Garden. In fact, these snorkel spots located close to each other on the southern part of Dahab. Moreover, the area has a hotel called Happy Life Village and some local cafes. In fact, these snorkeling sites recommended for beginner snorkelers.

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