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Wadi Degla Cairo Egypt (Degla Valley) is one of the important valleys which extend from east to west. It located in Maadi area in Cairo, Egypt. Wadi Degla Cairo length is 30 km. Moreover, it passes through the limestone rocks that remained in the marine environment. It was during the Eocene Epoch in the eastern desert ( 60 million years ). Thus, it is rich with fossils. The height of these rocks alongside the valley is around 50 m. A group of valleys flew into Degla Valley Cairo Egypt. The valley has a group of mammals animals like dear, ta-ital and mountain rabbits. It also has red fox, feather tailed rat, oviparous, barbed rat, little tailed bat and others.

When you visit the Wadi Degla Cairo, you will see the construction debris and huge cement blocks. They dumped at the entrance to the Wadi. A couple of hundred meters there is what was once the mouth of the river. Beyond it, flies buzzed about heaps of what appeared to be cattle and poultry offal. Soon, swarms of flies and mosquitoes would have invaded the area. Two kilometers into the Wadi, its rugged natural beauty had become clear.

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Wadi Degla Cairo Egypt is a unique place to introduce Cairenes to nature. It is an excellent one day excursion for schools to organize. It provides an opportunity to educate and enlighten children about nature. In one or two hours, visitors can experience the remoteness and complexity of the desert. It is also a valuable site for Egyptian universities. They can conduct field research there in botany, zoology, geology and environmental science. The valley’s geological life goes back more than 50 million years to the Eocene epoch. The majestic cliffs to each side of the valley were the river banks. Degla valley itself was the river bed. The high cliffs are a powerful natural barrier even now. The cliffs protected the valley’s various life forms.

Degla Valley in Cairo Egypt is a perfect escape for hikers, bikers, rock climbers and nature lovers alike. Even for those who lack athletic prowess, the protected area is still worth a visit for a picnic. It is also to observe the phenomenal views from atop the plateaus. The Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency designated Wadi Degla Cairo as a protectorate area in 1999. It remains an almost pristine escape. The air feels clean and temperatures are cooler than in Downtown Cairo. The area is completely quiet and the city appears far in the distance. A short car ride can transport you from Cairo’s noise and crowds to absolute serenity and silence.

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Wadi Degla Cairo has something for everyone. Whether you’re an avid runner or somebody who just wants to take in the expansive desert views. If you seek an adventure that is worlds away from Cairo, Wadi Degla Cairo Egypt is your place. For directions, take the Autostrad road to Maadi, and turn east towards Zahraa El Maadi. Follow this road for 3 km until you come to a large mosque on your right. Turn right after the mosque. Turn left at the Wadi Degla Sporting Club. Follow this road and turn right before the Nissan Service Center. Drive until the valley entrance. Taxi drivers in Maadi know how to get there. It is open every day until 6 PM. Entrance costs five Egyptian pound for foreigners and three Egyptian pound for Egyptians.

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