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Saint George church Cairo in Old Cairo is a Greek Orthodox Church. In fact, the church is one of the few round churches still in existence in the East. Moreover, it formed from it’s placement atop a rounded Roman tower. The Holy Family said to have taken shelter in a place now covered by the church. There is a long set of steps. In fact, it leads up to the church. They built on the outer wall of the Roman towers. As one ascend these steps, he will find a relief of Saint George. He will find also the dragon wrapped around the outer brickwork of the tower. Saint George church Cairo burned many times. In fact, t burnt in 1904 and the current structure built in 1909. It still has some of the older structure’s beautiful stained-glass windows.

In fact, for centuries, the church alternated between ownership by the Copts and the Greek. Since the 15th century it remained Greek Orthodox. The original Church of Saint George burnt. It was indeed one of the most beautiful and richest in the Roman Fortress of Babylon. In fact, the earliest church built in 684 by Athanasius, who was a wealthy scribe. During the Papacy of Pope Gabriel the relics of the saint relocated to the present church in Old Cairo. Moreover, next door is the Monastery of St. George. It is now the seat of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. Furthermore, the monastery rarely admits tourists. The image of Saint George is a Roman soldier. In fact, it mounted on a fine Arabian horse and spearing a dragon. In fact, it is a familiar one throughout Old Cairo. It is where two facilities dedicated to him.

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Throughout the Christian East, Saint George is indeed the most popular warrior-saint. In the Coptic Churches of Cairo there are now more than twenty relics of the equestrian saint. The Coptic biography of Saint George does not mention his flight and victory over the dragon. Around 14 century this theme was a transferal from the biography of St. Theodore to Saint George. Though it is also possible that the Christians adopted this tale from the Western Christians. In fact, the origin of Saint George monastery located in Old Cairo. Moreover, it called Deir Al Banat which means Monastery of the Girls. The foundation of the structure dates back to 7 or 8 century. Today, the monastery is the home of about forty religious women. The place of Saint George church Cairo dates back to Mamluk era. It transformed into a church in the fourteenth or fifteenth century.

Here, Saint George’s icon venerated. The large room with an anteroom separated from the chapel by a double door of surprising height. It measures some seven meters. The nuns in charge of the church features an iron collar and chain. The chain is about 4.2 meters long. In fact, it attached to the south wall of the inner room of the shrine. The chain applied to women. Men sometimes seek the blessings of the saint through the chain. The church has the iron chain which the saint torture with before his martyrdom. Visitors to Saint George church Cairo love to put the chain on their necks and wind it around their body. They also kiss it piously and offer prayers to Saint George to be in a state of an exceptional grace.

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In the Middle East they believe that the chains of Saint George posses miraculous powers. It cure the demon-possessed and paralytics. Moreover, it also cures anxiety neuroses, conversion hysteria, obsessional neuroses and even schizophrenic psychoses. The origins of the Coptic attachment to the chains of Saint George are in the Byzantine tradition. Furthermore, the chains of Saint George used to tie up those suffering from nervous disorders. It also used for anxiety neuroses, conversion hysteria and obsessional neuroses. Moreover, it also used even for schizophrenic psychoses. Today, large numbers of Christians and even Muslims visit the Shrine of the Chains of Saint George in the Convent. They do that on Fridays and Sundays.

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