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Pharaonic Village Cairo Egypt is a living museum of Ancient Egyptian life. It located on Nile river in Cairo, Egypt. In fact, it takes you back about three thousand years. Just a few miles from Cairo center is a time machine waiting to take you on a fantastic journey. The journey is to the days of the Pharaohs. The time brought to life by an incredible group of actors and actresses. In fact, it features faithful and exact reproductions of buildings, clothing and lifestyles. Dr. Hassan Ragab is the founder of Pharaonic Village Cairo. His son is Dr. Abdel Salam Ragab. They have worked for over twenty years on it. It was to create the most precise living recreation of the golden days of Pharaonic Egypt. In fact, the village invites you to join him on this fascinating journey to the past.

Moreover, at the Pharaonic Village Cairo, visitors sail on comfortable motorized barges down a network of canals. They view incredibly accurate tableaux of the recreation of ancient Egyptian life. Though the city of Cairo surrounds the island. It penetrates the thick wall of trees planted around the island. Sights include recreations of industries, games, arts, and moments from history and legend. Furthermore, the site features cafeterias, boat rentals and a children’s playground. Moreover, it also features a restaurant that serves both Egyptian and European dishes. In fact, the village facilities will indeed make your stay even more enjoyable.

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The exact details that have gone into making the past come to life at the village. Over a hundred actors and actresses perform all the daily activities and arts of the ancient Egyptians. They include agriculture, pottery, sculpture, weaving and much more. Everyone existed in an ancient Egyptian city is here in the modern recreation. It is from pharaohs to fishermen, from potters to priests. Because of this attention to detail, Pharaonic Village is more than education and entertainment. In fact, it is a vital resource in the preservation of our knowledge of the ancient world.

In fact, Pharaonic Village Cairo indeed is a must-see for any visitor to Egypt. It is whether scholar of Egyptian history and culture, or casual tourist. In fact, it indeed is an excellent complement to a trip before going to Aswan and Luxor. Go to the Village on a journey through time to the rich and exciting age of the pharaohs. In fact, the village is near to Giza Zoo. It is one of the most beautiful zoos in the world. It is the most inhabited by the various animal and plant species. Giza Zoo area is about 80 acres. It located near the west bank of the Nile. Its northern tip overlooks Cairo University. Giza Zoo not far from Cairo Downtown and it linked to it by many buses. Giza Zoo is under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt.

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The village is also near to Nile Pharaoh cruise. The cruise is a great way to spend a Cairo evening or enjoy a sumptuous lunch on the Nile. Nile Pharaoh cruise begins in Giza and traverses the Nile to the downtown area. An then back, taking approximately two hours. On board you will entertained by a belly dancer and an Egyptian singer, as well as a folkloric show. Western Music also played.

Pharaonic Village Cairo is also near to Cairo Tower. The Tower is 187 meter high and in the form of a latticework tube. It fans out at the top. It imitates a lotus plant. Cairo Tower ranks the fourth among the world highest towers.It is nice to be up high in Cairo. Cairo Tower gives one a prospective view of this great city. It is with it’s modern and ancient districts.

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