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Nile Maxim cruise Cairo Egypt is a cruising restaurant in Cairo city. In fact, it offers an exceptional and luxurious model of the cruising restaurants in Cairo. Moreover, it is the only one which serves “A La Carte” International cuisine. Furthermore, the cruise features live entertainment program. The program adds an unforgettable atmosphere to the whole scenery. It also features extravaganza Band‚ Belly Dancer and the Folkloric Tanoura show “Spin Man”. The capacity of the boat Venue can accommodate up to 350 guests. It is with a flexible and adjustable set up. It is according to reservations and nature of event.

In fact, Nile Maxim cruise Cairo makes 3 trips daily. Each is for 2 hours starting with the sunset cruise. Upon special request other cruises offered for Breakfast, lunch, or Super Late Dinner. In fact, the boat indeed is the most favorable and first choice of the top VIP clients. It is reputable organization. The cruise ship had the pleasure to host Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers. Moreover, the cruise also did for Ambassadors & Political Delegations and EU 2007. Furthermore, the boat also hosted African Football Cup delegations. Nile Maxim cruise is near to Gezira Sporting Club. It is the largest multi sport facility in Egypt and founded in 1882.

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In fact, Nile Maxim cruise Cairo is also near to Tower of Cairo. The tower is 187 meter high and in the form of a latticework tube. It fans out at the top. Moreover, it imitates a lotus plant. Cairo Tower ranks the fourth among the world highest towers. It is nice to be up high in Cairo. Furthermore, Cairo Tower gives one a prospective view of this great city. It is with it’s modern and ancient districts. One of the best views is from the Cairo Tower. It is just north of the Modern Art museum. Cairo Tower provides a panoramic vision of Cairo. Cairo Tower made of granite. It is the same material which often used by the ancient Egyptians. Moreover, it is about 45 meters higher than the Great Pyramid at Giza.

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