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Nile Crystal cruise Cairo Egypt is one of the most elegant cruising restaurants on the Nile. In fact, the dock of Nile Crystal cruise located on Maadi Cornish in Cairo. The boat known to have the best quality of service one can find on a Nile cruise in Egypt. Moreover, the house band performs your all-time favorite Western and Oriental tunes. It is with a twist, as you dine on either a Open Buffet or Set Menu. Furthermore, the boat program includes spectacular belly dancing show. It also includes a folklore band, with the unforgettable colorful Tanoura spin. It is in keeping with Whirling Dervishes tradition.

In fact, Nile Crystal cruise Cairo features Onyx Nile cruise and Topaz Nile cruise. They have 4 banquet rooms. They located in 2 decks. One Banquet room is on each deck. Moreover, the capacity of the banquet room is from 150 – 200 guest. In fact, the boat is near to Roda Island Nilometer. Roda Island Nilometer located on the southern tip of Roda Island. It faces Old Cairo. It has the properties of being one of the oldest structures in Cairo having a link to Egypt’s pharaonic past. Roda Island Nilometer built after the Arab conquest. Roda Island Nilometer and other Nilometers used to measure the flood levels of the Nile River. It is a heritage of Egypt’s distant past.

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Such structures doted the course of Egypt’s grand river. These types of devices continued to be useful up until the modern era when the Nile tamed by modern dams. The cruise boat is also near to Coptic Museum. Coptic museum in Cairo located inside the ruins of the Roman Babylon Fortress. It is in Old Cairo. Old Cairo is an area full of Coptic sites. The Coptic sites include Hanging church, St. George church and St. Barbara church. Nobody would ever believe that the foundation of the Coptic Museum dates back to the era of the Persians. A lot of items added afterwards by the Roman emperors August and Trajan.

Nile Crystal cruise Cairo is also near to Ben Ezra Synagogue. The Synagogue sometimes referred as the El-Genizah Synagogue. Moreover, it also called the Synagogue of the Palestinians. Ben Ezra Synagogue situated in Old Cairo, Egypt. According to local tradition, it located on the site where baby Moses found.

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Nile Crystal cruise is also near to Amr Ibn Al Aas mosque. In fact, the mosque located north of the Roman Fortress of Babylon. It is actually on the edge of Fustat, the temporary city which founded by Amr. In fact, it was an Islamic learning center long before Al Azhar Mosque. Moreover, it could hold up to 5,000 students. Amr Ibn Al Aas Mosque built on an area of 1,500 square cubits, overlooking the Nile. The initial structure was quite simple; with walls bare of any plaster or decorations. But it was without niche (Miharb), minaret or ground cover. It had two doors on the north and two others facing Amr’s house.

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