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Nile City Boat Cairo Egypt has five different restaurants and amazing views of the Nile. It located by the 6th of October Bridge on Zamalek in Cairo. It is a great place to visit for lunch or dinner. Chili’s is a famous international brand. It indeed is one of the most frequented places on board. Moreover, it offers Tex Mex meals, indoor and outdoor seating. Both are with good views of the river. Johnny Carino’s is another restaurant on board of the cruise . It offers wonderful Italian cuisines. Cuisines include pastas, pizzas, soups, and salads. Studio Misr is also available on Nile City Boat Cairo board. It offers Mezze and Middle Eastern grills. They offered at reasonable prices while old movies screened. There is also The Fish Market with a lovely terrace and a sun deck cafe. It has great views at sunset.

Nile City Boat Cairo is near to Pharaoh cruise. It is a great way to spend a Cairo evening or enjoy a sumptuous lunch on the Nile. Nile Pharaoh cruise begins in Giza and traverses the Nile to the downtown area. An then back, taking approximately two hours. On board you will entertained by a belly dancer and an Egyptian singer, as well as a folkloric show. Western Music also played. The boat is also near to Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The museum is one of the oldest, most famous and largest museums in the world. Egyptian Museum of Antiquities has a long history. It dates back to the 1825. It was when Mohamed Ali Pasha issued a decree to establish a museum for the antiquities. Mohamed Ali Pasha was the ruler of Egypt at the time.

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Nile City Boat Cairo is also near to Tahrir Square. Tahrir Square means Liberation Square. It called “Ismailia Square”. It located downtown of Cairo in Egypt. Khedive Ismail commissioned the new downtown district’s ‘Paris on the Nile’ design. It was in 19th century. After the Egyptian Revolution of 1919, the square became known as Tahrir Square. The square not renamed until the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. The revolution changed Egypt from a constitutional monarchy into a republic. The square was a focal point for the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

Nile City Boat Cairo is also near to Cairo Felucca. Cairo Felucca ride is one of the most relaxing experiences. You can escape to Cairo Felucca ride after feeling exhausted. You will hear and see the exhilarating nature of the Egyptian capital while you are on Cairo Felucca. While comfortably seated on cushioned benches, take time to observe the Felucca captain maneuvering his sail. A know-how that transmitted since ancient times from father to son. Marvel at the city’s high skyscrapers, bridges and monuments that overlook the Nile River.

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