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Maadi Petrified forest Cairo is 30 kilometer away from Cairo. It situated outside Maadi district in Cairo, Egypt. In fact, it declared as a protectorate in 1989. Moreover, El Maadi Petrified forest Cairo is about 35 million years old at least. It is indeed an ideal example of the physical history of the planet. Furthermore, El Maadi Petrified forest area is about six square kilometers. It covered with the remains of trees from the early era. They brought here due to the floods on the red Sea hills. This period called Oligocene. It is where the temperature of earth saw a large amount of drop and floods occurred. The drop in temperature led to the creation of an atmosphere.

This atmosphere supported the coming of many new species like elephants and horses. In fact, the forest located 18 kilometer from Maadi city in Cairo. It is on the North Katameya Ain Sukhna road. Moreover, it features a large variety of stones, sands, petrified trees and trunks. In fact, the forest can help in knowing about the geological period of earth. Furthermore, it is a small geological protectorate in comparison to others in Egypt. It also classified as a natural heritage site. The forest covered by acacia trees, pastoral plants and bushes. They help in fixing the dunes. It assists in conserving the environmental setting of the Mediterranean coast.

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The high density of acacia helps in increasing the level of soil water. It also preserves the natural qualities of the subterranean water. That is why the forest became a favored tourist attraction. It is due to the natural resources present here . It also features wildlife flora and fauna. El Maadi Petrified forest Cairo also known as Gabal el Khashab, or Wood Hill. If your are non geologist or a nature lover, there is nothing much to see in it. The biggest threat to the protectorate is the constant construction work around the area.

Construction programs nearby led most of the animals and wildlife disappearing from this area. It happened within the past ten to 15 years. The Petrified forest in Maadi, Cairo indeed is an important pearl in the natural heritage of the country. It is although of its small area. Among the wildlife is Cape Hare, Lepus capensis and small rodents. They are like Cairo Spiny Mouse and Acomys cahirinus. Birds are generally those of the Eastern Desert. They include Mourning Wheat-ear and Oenanthe lugens. Among reptiles there is the Pale Agama and Trapelus pallidus.

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