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JW Marriott Mandara Spa Cairo became a destination in itself. In fact, the spa continues to add new dimensions of luxury to JW Marriott Cairo hotel. The spa name comes from an ancient Sanskrit legend. It is about the god’s quest for the elixir of immortality and eternal youth. In this legend, Mandara Giri represents a sacred mountain. Moreover, it is from which flows the water of life. It is a magical elixir with the power to keep you forever young. This ancient legend has embraced by Mandara Spa. Furthermore, it today reflected in unique and exotic spa treatments. It replicates the spirit, soul and cultural traditions of those ancient times.

With a focus on pampering and restoration, the spa is indeed a peaceful oasis. It rests in the heart of the picturesque resort. Moreover, it covers an impressive 2,500 square meters. The spa located next to the resort’s Full Service Beauty Salon. Furthermore, JW Marriott Mandara Spa features 3 double suites, 2 double rooms and 4 single rooms. It also features 1 Facial Treatment Room and 2 dedicated Thai Massage rooms. All are with changing facilities. Guests may repose and take in sweeping views of the resorts’ stunning swimming pool. It is as a calming pre post treatment interlude.

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The menu flavored by various cultures and influenced by their traditions. Bali, India, Egypt and Thailand ancient rituals in health and beauty cultivated. They are to suit the luxury spa and cater to the most discerning guests. Moreover, treatments include traditional massages and body treatments. They feature wraps and scrubs, and facials using the exclusive Phytomer brand of products. The Spa focuses on privacy to enhance the feeling of pampered and the sense of well being. Signature Mandara treatments offer head- to-toe restoration. “Mandara Spa Passages” include longer retreats, catering to individual requirements and moods.

In fact, the Mandara legacy is best experience through one of the Signature Rituals. They are such as the world famous Mandara Four-Hand massage. Moreover, the highlight of JW Marriott Mandara Spa is an elaborate. It is also exclusive Moroccan style Hammam. Furthermore, it features a heated marble bed, where opulence is paramount design. It also features artwork and with soaring domes. Moreover, it also features dramatic arches and the calming sound of running water. The spa echoes from tiled walls.

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ThesSpa consists of lavish combinations of baths. Moreover, it also includes mud, wrap treatments, scrubs and massages. All Mandara’s treatments delivered by the expert, healing hands of the Asian therapists. Furthermore, they dedicated mission is to provide a calming sense of escape and renewal for each guest. Upon experiencing JW Marriott Mandara Spa treatments you will feel radiant. You will also feel revitalized and touched by a little of the legendary magic. That magic has become the ethos of Mandara Spa.

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