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Intercontinental City Stars Spa located in Intercontinental City stars hotel in Cairo. In fact, it is just 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport. Experience the relaxation of a bubbly Spa bath at the hotel. Let yourself go in the soothing fragrances of natural oils. It envelope you in an eastern like ambiance. The majestic hotel is a 3000 square meters. M temple devoted to sport, relaxation and health. The hotel facilities include, among others, a fitness room, a sauna, a Jacuzzi and a Hydro pool. Twelve treatment rooms are available for guests. The spa features one of the amazing types of massages on offer. Moreover, it also features a wide range of beauty treatments including LPG.

Intercontinental City stars Spa is near to Cairo City Stars center. In fact, it is the largest mall in Africa and Middle East. The center located just ten minutes from International Cairo Airport. Moreover, Cairo City Stars center features huge shopping mall, Cinema, hotels, restaurants and amusements facilities. Cairo City Stars center features over 643 stores to choose from and two indoor theme parks. It also features twenty one screen state of the art cinema. In fact, the spa is also near to Katameya Heights Golf Resort. The golf course set a new trend in Egypt real estate market. It located where once there was nothing but a desert. Moreover, it was pioneering vision to turn the desert sand into lush green rolling hills. Furthermore, it became the first commercial venture to combine golf and real estate in Egypt.

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The golfers and golf resorts increased since the Golf Resort set the trend in Egypt. It features designed golf course, a marvelous clubhouse and luxurious villas. Its area is 1.5 million square meters. It became the first commercial venture combining golf and real estate in Egypt. Visitors encouraged to play from Sunday to Thursday. Intercontinental City stars Spa is also near to Katameya dunes Sand surfing site. It is one of the most popular sport in Egypt. It practiced by tourists and Egyptians as well. Take a day trip from Cairo to the Dunes Sand Surfing site and have a pleasure with sand surfing. It located 80 kilometer southwest of Cairo. The sand over there is nice and soft. you can reach good speeds. We have equipment for rent. We also will handle the whole day trip.

Intercontinental City stars Spa is also near to Genena Mall Cairo. Genena Mall features about 300 international and local brands. They including department, fashion, lifestyle, sports, electronics and home furnishing stores. It also has kids & Family entertainment area. It offers a 6 screen multiplex cinema and Skating rink. Genena Mall food court offers amazing variety of food. It also offers special coffee shops and restaurants. The Shopping center has car care and parking.

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