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Giza Camel ride is a must-do for every first-time Egypt traveler. In fact, many people who visit Giza Plateau choose to go on a camel ride around the Pyramids. Yet a better idea is to explore the desert behind the Pyramids on the back of camel or horse. Moreover, you can do Giza camel ride tour before sunset to enjoy a magnificent view of the Pyramids. You will also enjoy the mystical and melodious Call to Prayer rising from hundreds of Mosques at the same time. It is also amazing to do the tour before sunrise. It takes about 2 hours around Pyramids are and the Great Sphinx. This area called Giza Plateau.

In fact, Giza Plateau located in Giza, Egypt. The famous Giza Necropolis located in this geographical area. Moreover, it characterized by a sandy, desert climate and terrain with little vegetation. Khufu became the king of Egypt after the death of his father Sneferu. Furthermore, there was no convenient space remaining for Khufu’s own pyramid complex at Dahshur. It is where Sneferu buried. Khufu moved his court and residence farther north. It is where his prospectors located a commanding rock cliff. In fact, Giza Plateau located only a few kilometers south of Cairo. Moreover, it is several hundred meters from the last houses in the southernmost part of the city proper. Giza Plateau is where a limestone cliff rises from the other side of a sandy desert plateau. The ancient Egyptians called this place Imentet or kher neter.

Further details about Giza Camel Ride tour:

In fact, Giza plateau is a part of the Middle Eocene Mokattam Formation. This is according to a treatise on the geology of Giza plateau. Moreover, it dips southeast, comprising limestone and dolomite. To the south are the Mokattam and dolomite limestone. They are overlain by the limestone and sandy marl of the Upper Eocene Maadi Formation. To the north and east is the Mokattam Formation. It characterized by two steep escarpments about 30 meters (92 feet) high. Moreover, it continues to the Great Sphinx ditch. It must at one time formed a high peak. From there, the stonemasons cut the core blocks for the Great Pyramid. The older pyramids of the third and early fourth dynasty built on thick layers of marl and slate. These marl layers were easier to dig than limestone.

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