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Gezira Sporting Club Cairo is the largest multi sport facility in Egypt. In fact, it founded in 1882 and called Khedivial Sporting Club. It located on the island of Zamalek in Cairo. Moreover, it is near to Cairo Tower and Opera House. In fact, the 150 acre grounds of it carved out of the Khedivial Botanical Gardens. That is why acacias and gardens decorated the area. After the land leased to the British military command, club rules licensed. In fact, the land divided into several recreational playing grounds. At first, the club was for the exclusive use of the British Army. In 1906, the club members asked the Egyptian government for ownership. In fact, their request refused. Instead, they granted a 60 year lease. The exclusive character of the club continued until after World War II.

In fact, in January 1952, Gezira Sporting Club nationalized and became a public club. Half of its eighteen hole Cairo course given over to a youth club. It built by the Egyptian government on the club premises and made it a nine hole course. The ethos and structure of the club further altered during the Nasser regime. Most members of the club were Egyptians. Thy were from society’s elite. In the early 1960, the Egyptian government once again took over the club’s premises. It took half of it to make room for a public club called El Ahly Club. That was to promote sports among all Egyptians. At that time, much of aristocratic nationalized for the benefit of the poorer majority. Gamal Abdel Nasser became beloved and popular among middle and lower classes of Egypt at that time.

Further details about Gezira Sporting Club Cairo:

A new elevated highway built over the remaining nine hole Cairo course. The elevated highway is the 6th October Bridge. That was in Al Sadat era. Despite suffering vandalism, Gezira Sporting Club Cairo still offers most of the sports. It offers tennis, squash, croquet, horse riding and cricket. The sporting club started as a British military club. It now evolved into one of Egypt’s greatest outdoor attractions. Gezira Sporting Club remained both a landmark and one of Cairo’s greatest assets. Moreover, it is over five decades. Gezira Sporting Club golf course features 18 holes. It played on 9 fairways. Furthermore, it also feature Par 70, 5,860 yards, rating 68 and three tees. The facilities are Pro Shop, caddies, trolleys, driving range and club rental.

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