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Aqua Park Cairo Egypt (Crazy Water) is a water park in the desert. What could be more refreshing?. Why not spend your day surfing or bouncing about in the Big Surf wave pool?. How about riding several stories down a water fall, or slipping down the Kamikaze water slide? Sound like fun !. In fact, there is a lot more which offered in Aqua Park Cairo for your amusement. Moreover, the entrance is also quite affordable. Make sure you ask about the special family offers. You can alternate between tanning on the beach chairs and going wild in the video arcade. It is in case you don’t want to get wet.

Aqua Park Cairo indeed is the largest Aqua Park in Egypt and the Middle East. In fact, it is 10 minutes away from Heliopolis. Moreover, it features day use chalets, artificial sea waves pools and 5 stars swimming pools. Furthermore, it also features giant slides, hot meals restaurant and kids garden. In 2009, the park opened a private Swimming pool for ladies. It widely used by women. Aqua Park Cairo located at Kilo 31 Cairo Ismaeileya road. Moreover, it is in front of Oruba residential compound. The total area is 66150 square meters. Furthermore, it features 9 water games and 2 parking areas. It also features Cafes, Restaurants and stores.

The ticket for adults is 140 Egyptian pound. Moreover, the ticket for children from 3-10 years old is 120 Egyptian pound. The ticket cost include a meal.

Further details about Aqua Park Cairo Egypt:

Aqua Park Cairo is near to the Citadel of Saladdin. It is indeed one of Cairo’s most popular tourist attractions. It located on a spur of limestone that detached from its parent Moqattam Hills by quarrying. Moreover, Cairo Citadel is one of the world’s greatest monuments to medieval warfare. In fact, it is a visible landmark on Cairo’s eastern skyline. When viewed from the back side, Cairo Citadel reveals a medieval character. The area where Cairo Citadel located now began it’s life as the “Dome of the Wind”. It is a pavilion which created in 810 by Hatim Ibn Hartama, who was then governor. Indeed this area well known for its cool breeze. In fact, the early governors didn’t realize its strategic importance. However, they used the pavilion for its view of Cairo.

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