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Al Manial Palace Cairo built to commemorate and memorize Islamic Art. In fact, Al Manial Palace Cairo indeed is one of the most important and historic museums. Moreover, the palace represents a crucial period in modern Egyptian history. Moreover, it also represents portrays in detail the life of the Royal Family. The architectural designs distinguish the palace from the other museums in Egypt. Its Modern Islamic art carrying the essence of Moroccan, Persian and Syrian styles. In fact, the alace situated in the east of the Nile River. It is along the island of Manial El Roda in Cairo. Furthermore, it covers an area of 61711 square meters. The buildings occupy 5000 square meters. The gardens area is 34,000 square meters.

In fact, the inner roads and garden construction area is 22711 square meters. Al Manial palace Cairo divided into 11 sections. The gate built in the style of middle age castles gates. Moreover, it has terraces for guards. The Palace facade resembles that of Iranian mosques. Furthermore, it also resembles the Schools of the 14th century. The reception palace designed for receiving official guests. In fact, it consists of two stories. The first story has two rooms, the ceremony room and the reception. The reception is for those who offer Friday prayers with the Prince. The second story has two halls. They are Moroccan and Syrian halls. Moreover, the clock Tower lies between the Reception Palace and the mosque.

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In fact, the fountain lies between the tower and the great mosque. The mosque despite its small size, is indeed a unique architectural and ornamental antique. Moreover, the Hunting museum is a long hall. The hall annexed to the east gate. It overlooks the garden. Furthermore, it displays possessions of King Farouk and Prince Youssef Kamal who loved hunting. This museum finished long after the death of the Prince. It opened to the public in 1962. The two – story house is the oldest building in Al Manial Palace. It has a tower overlooking sights of Cairo and Giza. The first story features Al Shakma. It is the mirror lobby and harem room. It also features blue saloon, dining room, arabesque saloon and the fireplace room. The second story of the palace features the jewelry room and arabesque room.

Moreover, it also features the Princes bedroom, maids room and a balcony. The balcony overlooks the mirror hall. The Throne palace designed after the Ottoman style in the form of a “Kosha”. The private museum situated in the southern part of the palace. It consists of 15 halls divided by a yard with a small garden. Al Manial Palace Cairo garden is a rare plant museum. It is where the Prince collected a lot of plants unknown in Egypt. He adapted them to the soil and environment. It is a real example for the modern Egyptian history. In fact, the Palace built for Prince Mohammad Ali between 1899 and 1929. The palace given to the Egyptian nation in 1955. Prince Muhammad Ali is the first cousin of King Faruq and the younger brother of Khedive Abbas II Hilmi.

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Al Manial palace’s plaster and wooden ceilings decorated with intrinsic designs and works of art. The art is from which hung giant Turkish and glass mishkas chandeliers. The Palace features darkened and confined arabesque living quarters. Moreover, it also features salons abounded with Turkish jades. The palace also features Persian opals and inestimable ceramics. It is besides to the palace’s marble and wooden floors which covered with priceless oriental carpets. All these form one of the world’s most important collection. Furthermore, the walls grafted with Sermas-silk embroideries and portraits of Egyptian and Turkish royals. In fact, some of them especially painted by court favorite Hedayat.

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