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Modern Cairo Egypt represented by Al Manial Palace. In fact, it built to commemorate and memorize Islamic Art. It indeed is one of the most important and historic museums. Moreover, Al Manial Palace represents a crucial period in modern Egyptian history. It also represents portrays in detail the life of the Royal Family. The architectural designs distinguish Al Manial Palace from the other museums in Egypt. Its Modern Islamic art carrying the essence of Moroccan, Persian and Syrian styles.

Modern Cairo Egypt also represented by City Stars center. In fact, it is the largest in Africa and Middle East. It located just ten minutes from International Cairo Airport. Moreover, Cairo City Stars center features huge shopping mall, Cinema, hotels, restaurants and amusements facilities. Cairo City Stars center features over 643 stores to choose from and two indoor theme parks. It also features twenty one screen state of the art cinema.

Modern Cairo Egypt also represented by Opera House. In fact, it is a part of Cairo’s National Cultural Center. Furthermore, it is the main performing arts venue in the Egyptian capital. Cairo Opera House is the home to most of Egypt’s finest musical groups. It located on the southern part of Gezira Island in the Nile River. It is in the Zamalek district west of and near downtown Cairo.

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Modern Cairo Egypt also represented by Cairo Tower. It is 187 meter high and in the form of a latticework tube. Moreover, it fans out at the top. It imitates a lotus plant. Cairo Tower ranks the fourth among the world highest towers.It is nice to be up high in Cairo. Cairo Tower gives one a prospective view of this great city. It is with it’s modern and ancient districts.

Modern Cairo Egypt also represented by Gawhara Palace. The name means Jewel Palace. The palace located in the Southern Section of Cairo Citadel. The entrance of Gawhara Palace is in front of Mohammad Ali mosque. Gawhara Palace became a museum nowadays. It is although it doesn’t have many displays. Gawhara Palace features wonderful architectural elements, rich decorations and the amazing furniture. They used by Mohamed Ali and his Royal Family.

Modern Cairo Egypt also represented by Genena Mall. The mall features about 300 international and local brands. Moreover, they include department, fashion, lifestyle, sports, electronics and home furnishing stores. It also has kids & Family entertainment area. It offers a 6 screen multiplex cinema and Skating rink. Genena Mall Cairo food court offers amazing variety of food. It also offers special coffee shops and restaurants. The Shopping center has car care and parking.

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Modern Cairo Egypt also represented by Tahrir Square. It means Liberation Square. It located downtown of Cairo in Egypt. Khedive Ismail commissioned the new downtown district’s ‘Paris on the Nile’ design. It was in 19th century. After the Egyptian Revolution of 1919, the square became known as Tahrir Square. The square was not renamed until the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. The revolution changed Egypt from a constitutional monarchy into a republic. The square was a focal point for the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

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