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Coptic Cairo Egypt represented by Abu Serga Church. The church also known as Saints Sergius and Bacchus church. In fact, it is a 4th century church. The church is the oldest of Cairo’s Christian Churches. Abu Serga church Cairo dedicated to two early martyrs. It built on the spot where the Holy Family rested at the end of their journey into Egypt. The family journey lived here while Joseph worked at the fortress. Abu Serga church Cairo indeed has a significant historical importance. The church is where many patriarchs of the Coptic Church elected. The first elected here was Patriarch Isaac (681-692 AC). Moreover, the church is the episcopal church of Cairo. It also was the episcopal See of Misr (the district of Old Cairo) that replaced the former See of Babylon.

Coptic Cairo Egypt also represented by the Cave church. The church also known as Saint Simon monastery. It located in the Mokattam mountain in southeastern Cairo, Egypt. In fact, the church is in an area which known as “garbage city”. It is because of the large population of garbage collectors or Zabbaleen live there. In fact, Cave Church Cairo in Egypt indeed is one of the largest churches in the country. Moreover, The Cave church Cairo is a church where 20,000-plus Christians gather every week. It is to worship and praise Jesus. Cave church Cairo is place that’s home to one of the world’s oldest Christian communities. In fact, the Zabbaleen are descendants of farmers who started migrating from Upper Egypt to Cairo. It was in the 1940. Fleeing poor harvests and poverty they came to the city looking for work.

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Coptic Cairo Egypt also represented by St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral. The church is a Coptic Orthodox cathedral. The cathedral located in Abbassia district in Cairo, Egypt. Moreover, it is the seat of the Coptic Orthodox Pope. In fact, Cairo Saint Mark Cathedral built during the time when Pope Cyril VI of Alexandria was Pope. Moreover, he was Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Furthermore, Cairo Saint Mark Cathedral inaugurated by Pope Cyril in 1968. In fact, the land where the Cathedral stands was for centuries as a cemetery for the Christians. This land also had the historic Anba Rouis church. However, the land had given to the Coptic Orthodox Church in 969 by Gawhar. It given as a replacement for the land that taken from the church.

Coptic Cairo Egypt also represented by Coptic Museum. The Coptic museum in Cairo located inside the ruins of the Roman Babylon Fortress. It is in Old Cairo. Old Cairo is an area full of Coptic sites. Nobody would ever believe that the foundation of the Coptic Museum dates back to the era of the Persians. Moreover, a lot of items added afterwards by the Roman emperors August and Trajan. Coptic Museum today consists of two major sections. The old section established by Smeka Pasha. The other one is the New section. The new section consists of two floors. It opened for the public in 2006 by the president Mubarak. The renovation of Coptic museum costed 30 million Egyptian pound. It affected by the earthquake which struck Egypt in 1992.

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Coptic Cairo Egypt also represented by St. Barbara church. The church is one of the many famous Coptic Orthodox parishes in Old Cairo district. In fact, the building located on the eastern part of the Babylon Fortress. Moreover, it is indeed one of the oldest buildings in Cairo. Saint Barbara church Cairo dates back to the 5th or 6th century AD. Like many other buildings of Coptic architecture, Saint Barbara church rebuilt several times. Most by the end of the 11th Century. Saint Barbara church Cairo stands north of the Coptic Museum. It is east of the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus on the eastern side of Babylon Fortress. It dedicated to Abu Kir and Yohanna or St. Cyrus and St. John. When the remains of St. Barbara brought here, a separate sanctuary built.

Coptic Cairo Egypt also represented by St. George church. In fact, is a Greek Orthodox Church. In fact, the church is one of the few round churches still in existence in the East. Moreover, it formed from it’s placement atop a rounded Roman tower. The Holy Family took shelter in a place now covered by Saint George church Cairo. There is a long set of steps. In fact, it leads up to Saint George church Cairo. They built on the outer wall of the Roman towers. As one ascend these steps, he will find a relief of Saint George. He will find also the dragon wrapped around the outer brickwork of the tower. Saint George church Cairo burned many times. In fact, t burnt in 1904 and the current structure built in 1909. It still has some of the older structure’s beautiful stained-glass windows.

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Coptic Cairo Egypt also represented by Hanging church. In fact, the church approached by 29 steps. Early travelers to Cairo dubbed it “the Staircase Church”. In fact, the land surface risen by some 6 meters. It is since the Roman period. The Roman tower buried below ground. It reduce the visual impact of the church’s elevated position. The entrance to Hanging church from the street is through iron gates. It is under a pointed stone arch. The nineteenth century facade with twin bell towers seen beyond a narrow courtyard. It decorated with modern art biblical designs. Up the steps and through the entrance is a further small courtyard. It leads to the eleventh century outer porch.

Coptic Cairo Egypt also represented by Virgin Mary church in Zeitoun. Virgin Mary apparitions in Egypt took place in Virgin Mary church Zeitoun in Cairo. In fact, the church built in 1924 and consecrated by Athanasious, bishop of Beni Suef in 1925. It didn’t fall into the category of buildings more than 100 years old and protected by law. Moreover, Virgin Mary church Zeitoun has fine architecture and the site of an acclaimed miracle. That is why it become a popular attraction for pilgrims. People from all around the world visit the church day and night. A great deal of time and effort has gone into its restoration, which has been

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Coptic Cairo Egypt also represented by Virgin Mary tree. In fact, the tree is an old sycamore tree. It is under which the Virgin Mary used to rest. It was while taking refuge in the village of Matareyya during the Holy Family’s flight in Egypt. In fact, the original Virgin Mary tree in Cairo which lasted till 1890 is now dead. Another tree grew by itself in the same place after that died. Moreover, the current green tree grew on its own and stands today. Virgin Mary tree in Cairo attracts thousands of pilgrims each Christmas. It called Virgin’s tree. Matareyya is an incoherent district in Cairo, Egypt. There are many sacred trees in Egypt. Furthermore, these trees offered shelter for the Holy Family during their stay here. In fact, Virgin Mary tree in Cairo holds the highest regard of all.

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