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The Lake Marun located in Bahariya oasis in the Western Desert, Egypt. In fact,  the Lake Marun is one of many salt lakes which scattered all over the Western Desert of Egypt. Moreover, the lake used as a hot spring which can recover many diseases such as Rheumatoid. In fact, Bahariya oasis located about 375 kilometer southwest Cairo. It is about four to five hours driving from the capital of Egypt. Nearby to the lake is Gebel Al Dist or the mountain of Al Dist. Going to this mountain will let you get the most fascinating photos of the lake as it overlooks on it.

Moreover, Lake Marun known as an important stopover for migratory birds. Furthermore, the lake is also a perfect spot for stunning sunset photos. So many hotels nearby in the major cites of Western Desert can arrange over day tour to the lake. We as Egypt travel Link also can organize this tour for you. In fact, the area of the lake not inhabited. That is why a guide to accompany you highly recommended. Moreover, the lake is near to the Black Desert and The White Desert as well. So, it indeed is a good starting point for many adventures tour programs. Moreover, a relaxation on the lake considered a good idea.

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